A match made in TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® heaven; the story of Johanna and Ryan Weitzel

Written by Hannah Conlin


TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Johanna and Ryan

Love is in the air at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®, and it is not just for the amazing brand that has been around 30 years and has seen continued success as the premier leader within the moving industry. Many couples within the company have met and fell in love through their employment with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®.

Johanna and Ryan both worked at the Lansing, Mich., franchise when they first met; Johanna now works at Home Office as a retention and recruitment consultant and Ryan is now a manager for a granite fabrication and installation company. It all started with an unapproachable look, a hood, and a big red beard … and the rest is history.

Q: What were you doing at work when you first met your significant other?  

Ryan: Johanna and I met when we were both in a weekly meeting.   

Johanna: We were in a staff meeting when we first met. I was an administrative assistant, and he was a driver team lead.

Q: What was your first impression of your significant other when you met?  

Ryan: She looked beautifully unapproachable.

Johanna: I first wondered what this guy’s story was, he seemed so calm and seemed so genuinely nice. He was wearing his TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® hoodie with his hood on, of course, if he has a hood, it will be on his head. He always rocked a big red beard, and everyone called him ‘Big Red’.

Q: Describe your first date.  

Ryan: It was a typical innocent work lunch.

Johanna: I believe he conned me into going to lunch with him. I think it was Applebee’s.

Q: When did you realize you were in love?  

Ryan: I can’t remember a specific moment, but I know it was within a year of first meeting her.

Johanna: I think I realized I was in love, when I wanted him to meet my parents, and friends. That didn’t happen very often, and my friends were taken back by this “big red” that I kept talking about. I found myself needing to talk to him about everything. It was just easy.

Q: Describe your engagement.  

Ryan: Our engagement was perfectly unknowingly planned by her. She planned what she thought was a surprise birthday party for me and my best friend. She made food, set up the decorations, and invited almost everyone. Little did she know that I was in on it the whole time. I was freaking out from the moment I got the ring. I had the ring made by a guy in Chicago. It barely made it in the mail on time which didn’t help my nerves. So the day came, which as cliché as it sounds, was Valentine’s Day because my birthday is February 15. I have never been so nervous. She and her best friend placed pillow cases over my head and my friend’s head and they drove us to the party acting like they were so brilliant and that they had this awesome surprise. When we walked in the door they pulled the pillow cases off of our heads. Johanna had never been more tickled with herself thinking she had pulled it off. Then my best friend handed me the ring and the rest is history. It was awesome.

Johanna: Well, one thing you need to know about me, is that I am the nosiest person around. My coworkers can attest to that. So, he had to pull a fast one on me for me not to find out. So, we were out one night with our best friends, BJ and Katie. Katie out of nowhere said, “Let’s have a surprise birthday party for Ryan and BJ.” So, naturally I said that sounds like a great idea! We got to planning, and the only date we could do was Valentine’s Day, which I said was perfect, because I am not the biggest Valentine’s fan, and it would give people something to do. Ryan’s birthday is on February 15. Katie and I met, we created the guest list, the food list, and everything else that goes into a surprise party. I went out and bought all of the food and decorations.

Fast forward to that day. I was so tired, and the last thing I wanted to do was put on this party, I was dreading it. We told the guys we had a Valentine’s Day surprise for them and they couldn’t be around us all day. We spent the day decorating and making food. I asked Katie if it was appropriate to wear sweats to the party, and she said, “Absolutely not!” She made me get dressed up and curl my hair because we had time while the guys were out doing whatever guys do. When it came time for the surprise, we put pillow cases over their head and drove them to the party. We walked them into the house and pulled the pillow cases off their head and bam, surprise! I thought I was the most clever girlfriend in the world, and as I turned around to see his reaction, he was down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I was in such shock! Ryan, Katie and BJ pulled a real fast one on me that day. One of the best parts of the surprise on me, was that my parents and his parents had no idea that it was coming that night either. He did such a good job, he even had my girlfriends come into town for it! It was awesome!

Q: How do you balance your work life and personal lives?  

Ryan: We try to take it easy at home. We leave work at the door and enjoy our time together, when she doesn’t have me working on projects on the house.

Johanna: We try to keep work at work. It is nice to be able to talk about things when we need to about work, because we both know the business, but we try really hard to keep a positive home. We enjoy doing house projects together, or mainly me managing his projects around the house.

Q: Describe your wedding.  

Ryan: Our wedding was real easy going, we had no arguments about wedding plans. It was low stress and just a great time.

Johanna: Of course I thought our wedding was the best! It was a very low stress planning process, and wedding. He is very easy going, which is a great balance to me. Since this was the only time we are going to do this, we wanted to have a good time doing it, and have everyone feel relaxed. We got married on a lake in Michigan. It was a chilly and windy October day, which was obviously not in the plan, but we made the best of it. I was nervous, and I know he was too. One of the best parts of our wedding was having the old 66′ TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® truck there. Brig Sorber was gracious enough to bring it to the wedding, so we could get our pictures taken in front of it. He parked it in the perfect place for everyone to see.

The reception was an awesome party! Exactly what we had expected, surrounded by all of the people that we love. A special touch from our guests, Mike and Karen, was fireworks over the lake! We didn’t want the reception to end! I would definitely do it again, to Ryan of course.


Q: What advice do you have for other TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® couples?  

Ryan: Keep the company’s best interest ahead of what you think is your best interest. If your relationship causes an issue at work, it’s most likely going to be a regret later in your relationship. Of the many things I learned working for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®, the most important thing I learned is keeping a positive attitude at work and at home. If you do that, your Johanna will show up. But be careful, weddings are expensive! #lovetmt

Johanna: I would tell them not to fight it, but to be sure to keep your relationship out of work. Keep the company’s best interest at heart, after all, they are the reason why you two met. Also, take a chance on someone who you may not think is your type because he may turn out to be the perfect match for you. I know Ryan was for me.

We are very grateful for the opportunities that TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® has presented for both of us. We both are living examples of our core purpose, which is to Move People Forward®. Without TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® we wouldn’t be together, or in the place in our lives that we are. I am forever grateful for this company and everything it stands for. I can say that I am a TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® lifer.


TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Wedding Johanna and Ryan

We wish Johanna and Ryan Weitzel a lifetime of love and happiness!

A match made in TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® heaven; the story of Emily and Michael Sham

Written by Hannah Conlin
Love is in the air at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®, and it is not just for the amazing brand that has achieved more than 30 years of growth and success as the premier leader within the moving industry. Many couples within the company met and fell in love through their employment with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®.

After working as a mover for two months, Michael took on the role of general manager at the Jackson, Miss., franchise in 2013. The pair met when Emily joined as the franchise’s marketing manager. Now, as Michael prepares to open his new franchise in Southaven, Miss., in May 2016, the two are happier than ever!

Q: When did you first meet your significant other? 

Michael: Emily and I met during her interview for our marketing position.

Emily: I came on about three to four months after Michael and started as the first-ever marketing manager our franchise had. He was the general manager.

Q: What was your first impression of your significant other when you met them at the office? 

Michael: I couldn’t wait to hire Emily. I thought she was a perfect fit for what we were looking for and I was thoroughly impressed with how she carried herself during the interview.

Emily: I first met Michael in my second interview with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®. I thought it was just going to be a second interview with Mr. Jeff Taylor, our franchisee, but Michael had just come on as the general manager so they were both in the interview. It was a very casual interview, and I immediately thought he was cute and had a lot of confidence. I soon thought, “Who am I kidding? He would be my BOSS, that would never happen,” so I tried to play it cool as best I could. I can remember telling my mom that night that the general manager was really cute though.

Q: Describe your first date. 

Michael: We went out to her favorite sushi spot and enjoyed a good meal and conversation. I distinctly remember telling her that I wasn’t looking for a fling and that if she didn’t feel like she could marry me one day then we would remain friends and co-workers. Surprisingly enough, that didn’t scare her away.

Emily: We casually went out with some friends during Christmas break, and had a great time; meanwhile I am dying! I am out with my cute boss, and just trying to stay as cool as possible! He went out of town over the weekend with his family and then asked me out on our first “official” date on that Sunday. We went out for sushi, kept it casual, and now sushi is our weekly date night!

Q: When did you realize you were in love? 

Michael: I knew I had feelings for Emily before our first date. Our Franchisee Jeff Taylor’s wife, Becky, was battling cancer and was scheduled to have brain surgery in Houston, Texas, at M.D. Anderson. I planned on going to surprise Jeff and Becky and asked Emily if she wanted to go, knowing the relationship she had with the family. We spent over 14 hours in a car together that weekend and really got to know one another. Becky kept telling Emily that we were in love every time I left the hospital room as well. Needless to say, she knew something that we hadn’t figured out yet.

Emily: Well, I didn’t realize. Mrs. Becky Taylor was the whole reason we even began our love story. Michael and I drove to Houston to surprise Jeff after Becky’s third brain surgery. She had been battling stage 4 brain cancer for five years; what a fighter! She had just gotten out of surgery when we arrived and surprised everyone; we just wanted to both be there for support. That is 14 hours total in a vehicle together, and pretty much three days of togetherness in a hospital room. Michael had stepped out of the hospital room to take a work phone call and Mrs. Becky perks up and says, “Ya’ll love each other.” I was like, no, no, no, you just had brain surgery, simmer down … and she insisted! She quickly quieted down however as Michael came back in the room. Once we got back to Mississippi, Jeff called Mike explaining that Becky thinks we are in love and if we want to pursue a relationship that he would not stand in the way. Becky reminded Jeff he could not get in the way of God’s plan. Fast forward to our first date, and the rest is history. Once my parents were on board and approved of Michael, that was it for me, I was head over heels for this guy.

Q: Describe your engagement.


Michael: Planning our engagement almost cost us our relationship. It took over two weeks of planning and preparation every day and Emily started feeling neglected. Luckily, I enlisted the help of her mother and she was able to keep things together for the most part. I sent her on a day-long scavenger hunt with her friends in a limo bus that took her to eight different places with activities at each that would prepare her for the evening ahead. I sent her to get her nails done, make-up done, hair done, and dress shopping, with her final destination being her parent’s house. There were about 40 friends and family hiding in the house when she arrived. I escorted her around the back of the house where I had a podium set up with a book of all the things we had done together in our relationship. The last page said “will you” and the rest is history.

Emily: August 30, 2014. Michael out did himself, so much to the point I thought we were about to break up because he wasn’t spending any time with me. It started with him asking my parents. He made a slide show of my life, with my dad, with my mom, with my brother, and then us. He got my brother to bring my parents to the office, we had just moved into the new office building, so he wanted to “show it off,” when really the ending of the tour of the office was this video/slideshow he had made on his computer asking my parents if he could have their blessings in marrying me. Then it was my turn. It was my turn to work on a Saturday at the office, and he was here with me, along with our English bulldog, Ace. I was in my office getting work done and Michael said let’s go take Ace for a walk outside, so nothing out of the ordinary. While we are outside, three of my best friends pull up in a car; mind you, two live in Arkansas, so I am shocked. One grabs a video camera from Michael, and he says, “Go have fun with your best friends. Happy eighth month anniversary.” He is always over the top with gifts and surprises, so I thought nothing of it. My friends and I then go on a scavenger hunt; ALL DAY!

First: Sushi for lunch with my girlfriends and as we leave a party bus pulls up to take us everywhere! There’s a note that takes me to his apartment to give Ace a bone.

Second: At his apartment, first he cleaned everything, lit a candle and had a card with money to go shop at Anthropology, my favorite store.

Third: Got a card at the store to go get my makeup done at Bobby Brown; the makeup I wear.

Fourth: Take a break and get a snow cone from SnoBiz; one of our favorite places during the summer.

Fifth: Get my hair cut and styled; I had been talking about needing a haircut.

Sixth: I receive the final card and it says, Now that you are all dolled up, go to your house and hang out with your best friends and have a good time. So, we begin heading back to my house.

At this point I am kind of bummed; I wanted to spend some of our anniversary with him, and I honestly thought I would end at a nice dinner with him. We end up at my house and I am texting him on the way there thanking him for the wonderful day and he is telling me he is at his apartment just hanging out and he would come to my house later. I get out of the party bus at my parent’s house, no cars in the driveway, and here Michael comes walking down the driveway to meet me. Then I start freaking out, wondering what is going on! He takes me to the back yard where it is lit with string lights, mason jars with candles, it is magical. There are flowers and an outdoor sofa with a pedestal. He walks me over to the pedestal and it has a scrapbook with everything from Annual Meeting pictures, to flight tickets, everything we had done together over the past eight months. At the end of the scrapbook there is a little bride and groom; that is when I really knew what was going on. Like I said, he is over the top always. He sits me on the couch and sits next to me (he is nervous) and I hear, “Aww,” from a ton of people and some giggling, all while crying. He then gets down on one knee and pops the question and I hear roars of clapping and screaming! My parent’s house was filled with friends and family! Becky and Jeff had the best seat in the house, my parent’s bedroom, with their window is right by the backyard. It turned into an engagement party with champagne and “she said yes” cookies. It was perfect and one of the best nights of my life! Longest engagement story, but the happiest and sweetest.

Q: How do you balance your work life and personal lives? 

Michael: Not without a few issues. It took time to find our groove and we still battle it from time to time. It’s hard to keep work at work and home at home, but it is a challenge that we are very blessed to face. Not many people get to work with their best friend, and that is the perspective we try to keep every day.

Emily: We struggled with this for a while, and then finally realized we needed to make some slight changes. We try to not talk about work so much when we get home, but this is our lives. We love TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®, and we look at it as any couple coming home from work asking their spouse, “How was your day at work?” I have learned I am not always right at work, and things may not go the way I want, but Michael is my boss and wants what is best for the company and I have to respect that. It takes time to learn how each other tick, but we usually have a good compromise. We do enjoy having lunch dates every once in a while, because we really don’t see too much of each other at work. He is on a completely different side of the building than me, which helps!

Q: Describe your wedding.


Michael: Our wedding was one of the best parties I’ve ever been to. It was absolutely beautiful and we were very blessed to have some great venues and some awesome people to help make it so amazing. We had all of our loved ones there and it was one of the most memorable days in my life.

Emily: Oct. 3, 2015 in Mobile, Ala., at my aunt and uncle’s home on Mobile Bay. It was magical; we had string lights everywhere, a live band on the porch, and sequin table cloths. Rose gold, blushes, and cream flowers everywhere. Everything was outside, right on the water and around the pool. We got married under a huge oak tree with hanging moss. We had about 125 guests that attended from all over! It was so special and a weekend filled with lots of love and laughter. The best day ever!

We wish Emily and Michael Sham a lifetime of love and happiness! In celebration of Valentine’s Day, keep a look out for more TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® love stories coming soon!