Planning a move with kids? 5 ideas to turn packing into a game

Guest blog written by Marlena Stoddard

Moving with KidsMoving is a grueling process, especially when little ones are involved. Abrupt changes might make them feel unsettled, so it’s important to create a seamless transition. To accomplish a smooth shift, simply transform packing into a series of engaging games. You and your kids will remember moving as a fun and special time spent together by infusing fun into the process. The five ideas below can rapidly streamline a family relocation.

“I Spy”

This verbal identification game is an effective method for taking stock of possessions. It is also an opportunity to hone communicative descriptions, and it allows kids to keep tabs on the evolving situation. Furthermore, it can be used to keep track of what has been packed and what hasn’t, which is particularly useful for the next activity.

Scavenger hunt

Distracted children can become diligent assistants in no time. Kids will benefit when their parents orchestrate a treasure hunt, and everything they collect strikes an item off the packing list. If played directly after I Spy, the child will have a memory of each item’s location. Just remember to hide all hazardous objects before letting them roam around.

Hide and Seek

Turn excess clutter into a game. The entertainment aspect of hide and seek can provide much-needed quiet time to assess each stage of moving. Make sure only safe compartments are accessible, and then let the kids show off their ability to remain invisible. Remember to keep the game fun and exciting by not having them hide for long periods of time.


Non-perishable items can be quickly rounded up with a make-shift game of basketball. For example, a laundry basket can collect any clothing that might be lingering. In the same fashion, stuffed animals can also be swiftly thrown into a suitcase. This game can rapidly clear out a home, and it is a perfect way to prepare boxes to be put in an extra storage space unit.

2 minute race

Avoid a traumatic upheaval by packing a separate overnight bag with all of the kid’s sentimentally essential belongings. A child knows best what he or she needs, so devise a fast-paced game to encourage a quick collection of the child’s favorite toys. Observing the selections can provide invaluable insight into the interests of your kids, and the task can efficiently maintain basic comforts while adjusting to the new home.

With the previously mentioned games, any wise parent can reduce the struggles of moving. These five games will calm any child and impart lasting security to usher them through the busy change in location.

About the Author: Marlena Stoddard writes on organization and decor. Originally from Senoia, GA, Marlena lives in Santa Rosa, CA with her husband and 2 children. When she isn’t spending time with her family or writing, Marlena enjoys running, cooking, and reading.  For more on Marlena, you can follow her on Google+.

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Moving: From a teen’s perspective

Written by Claire Schneider

Moving with kidsWe continue our moving with kids theme by sharing what moving is like from their vantage point. I sat down with Megan, 16, and Grace, 13, and listened as they recounted their experience of their family’s recent move.

Q: How did your parents tell you about the move?

A: About two months before we moved, our parents explained they had been looking at houses and had found one they really liked. We then embarked on the rest of the process as a whole family. Visiting the house for the first time was exciting – but also a little scary! It was really cool to see what might be our new bedrooms.

Q: How involved were you two in the moving process?

A: We helped our parents get ready for the move. We coordinated portions of our garage sale held before the move. It was kind of fun having the garage sale because we were able to use the money we made for cool, new  clothes and getting our hair done. We also packed up our rooms and some areas of the house.

Q: Were you excited about moving? Why?

A: Honestly, we weren’t really enthusiastic to move at first. We were more surprised since we’ve grown up in our old house. But once we saw the new house and our new rooms, we became more excited.

Q: Can you share your thoughts about changing neighborhoods?

A: I think we were both pretty excited from the get-go, but we do really miss our old neighbors. Our new house is in a cul-de-sac, and our new neighbors are always outside in their yards; so far it’s been easy to get to know them. And everyone seems to have a dog. We are also going to have a housewarming party once we get settled which will help with meeting the neighbors, too.

Q: Tell me about your new house. What do you like most about it?

A: Our new house is much bigger and has an sweet basement where we can hang out with our friends. Our bedroom closets are also bigger which means we can shop and buy more clothes. Plus, our bathroom has two sinks, so now we don’t have to fight over the one. The backyard is awesome and has a mini zip line.

Q: Overall, how has the moving experience been for you?

A: It’s been pretty good but, yeah, a little stressful. We’ve made many trips back and forth from the old house to the new house to move things. It’s good we’re moving during the summer so we have more time to get moved in.

Q: Are there any tips or advice you have for other kids preparing to move?

A: Be open to moving and making new friends. Get organized well in advance and don’t put it off; it will help make moving day smoother. And make sure to get plenty of sleep!

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How to move with kids and make lasting memories

Written by Claire Schneider

Moving with KidsSure, we all know moving is no cakewalk, but for kids, the emotional toll could potentially run deeper. For most children, moving means leaving perhaps the only home they’ve ever known. Whether moving out of state or just around the block, children and adolescents typically exhibit signs of resistance at the prospect of starting a new chapter. By making a few adjustments in your approach, a life-changing move can be more cakewalk than obstacle course.

Before the move

Conduct a family meeting

Once the decision to move is finalized, call a family meeting. It’s important to keep kids involved in the moving process early in order for them to have adequate time to mentally adjust. Give them a role in selecting the new home and be sure to make it a positive and joyful experience, allowing them to voice any concerns they have.

Plan a new room

Kids’ rooms should be zones where they feel safest. It can conceivably be a scary endeavor for a child to leave it behind. Turn their frown upside down by letting them choose a design or two for their new bedroom. Bring them along shopping and listen to their ideas for paint colors and design elements. For older children, set a budget and allow them to pick out a piece of new furniture or curtains and decorative pillows. For younger children, do the same but guide them more closely as they realize their vision.

Donate old toys to a good cause

Moving is an ideal time to purge items you‘re no longer using, but some kids might stonewall the exercise out of fear of change. Instead of selling their old toys, donate them to children in need. Let your child know their toys are transferring to kids who truly need them. Your child might be comforted knowing some of their former favorites will bring joy to others.

Create a moving day plan

Kids tend to be anxious about moving primarily because the waters are uncharted. One way to help alleviate their fears is to plan out the moving day. Discuss each step in detail to eliminate surprises. If you are hiring movers, inform the kids about the movers’ purpose.

During the move

Assign Tasks

Moving day is naturally chaotic which might be overwhelming for all involved.  Make it easier and more fun for by assigning age-appropriate tasks. For younger kids, give them the duty of bringing the movers water and snacks. Allow older kids to monitor when belongings are ready to be moved and charge them with handling last-minute cleaning duties. A special job for younger children is to give them the role of “Boss for a Day”.

Keep prized items organized

Truckie’s Treasure ChestKids may feel more comfortable while moving if they know their favorite toys or items are safe. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® wants to make this process memorable. Truckie’s Treasure Chest is a unique box designed for kids to pack their own items and keep them close by during the move. Children can color the box, making it personalized and unique to them.

Keep it interesting

Moving doesn’t have to be unpleasant, so why not make it fun? Play energetic music and mix in your kids’ favorites to keep everyone excited and upbeat. Make a game out of moving and see who can pack up an area the fastest or best.

After the Move

Explore the neighborhood

It’s important for children to become acquainted with their new neighborhood so they feel safe and can begin to love it as much as their old one. Give older children the responsibility to find three local fun spots the family can enjoy. This could be nearby hiking trails, a pizza parlor or an indoor adventure arena.

Join extracurricular groups

Have each child pick a group to join. It’s vital they choose something so they become more personally willing to take part in the activity. Groups could revolve around sports, drama club, or a class at the YMCA. This will allow them to meet peers and will help them adjust to the new area.

Meet your neighbors

Besides introducing yourself, think about other fun and creative ideas to meet your neighbors. For example, encourage the kids to make a lemonade stand or have a chalk drawing party. Host a cookout, or even better, involve all the neighbors and throw a block party. By working together, you could gather items such as inflatables for the kids to play in; it’s also a great way to break the ice.

Get to know the new school

The first day in a new school can be scary indeed. Talk to your tots about any fears they may have, then work to set their expectations. Most schools provide new student orientation to assist them in navigating the hallways, lockers and classrooms prior to the first day.

Look for our next blog, “Tips for Starting a New School” containing these and other excellent tips.

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