TWO MEN AND A TRUCK announces D’Angello Thompson as 2020’s “National Move Hero”


At TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, we work hard to earn the nickname “Movers Who Care®”, and it’s the individuals on our frontline teams who help keep this name going strong.

With so many outstanding movers, drivers, and customer service representatives across our franchises in 44 U.S. states, we have an entire network of people who can be considered “move heroes”. This year, it was D’Angello Thompson of our Garland, Texas franchise who took home the honor of “National Move Hero” recently at the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, Nev.

“He is always putting the customer first,” said Kirsten Wilson, the regional sales director for the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK North Dallas, Texas franchise location. “He’s always trying to figure out what’s going to make the best move they’ve ever had.”

This same sentiment was echoed by all of Thompson’s coworkers, who all point to his positive attitude, his dedication to making customers happy, and his commitment to his team as reasons why he was so deserving of the award.

“Any situation that D’Angello gets put into, he always makes the best of it,” said Derek Peets, relocation consultant at the North Dallas, Texas franchise location. “It always turns into a positive outcome.”

To learn more about Thompson, check out his “National Move Hero” video below!

Be sure to check out the two runner-ups for the “National Move Hero” award as well!

Ferris Owens – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Theresa Jack – Holly Springs, North Carolina

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National Move Hero left speechless, humbled by recognition


-Written by Erik Sargent

It’s no secret that when you look at the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® success over the last 30 years, its people have been the one common factor keeping the brand moving forward.

With more than 350 locations operating in four different countries, over seven million moves completed, and endless customers impacted by our services, the most important part of our business is the hardworking individuals we employ all across the system.

This all starts at the frontline level of the company – the ones who truly make things happen with the heavy lifting. For Marcos Nabejar of the McKinney, Texas, location, his efforts as a TWO MEN AND A TRUCK team member stood out above the rest of the system and he was awarded with the highest honor a frontline employee can receive – the National Move Hero Award.

“I was just overwhelmed with gratitude by the entire process,” said Nabejar, who has been a lead trainer and truck driver for the McKinney location since January of 2016. “It truly showed that with God, all things are possible in life.”

Marcos3Nabejar was informed of his nomination before TWO MEN AND A TRUCK’s Annual Meeting event that was held in Orlando, Fla., in March. Annual Meeting is a three-day event for the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK brand to gather and discuss best practices and how to achieve success, but for Nabejar, it turned into a meet-and-greet with other attendees after he was introduced as a National Move Hero nominee on opening night.

“Everyone I talked to at Annual Meeting was very positive and kind to me,” Nabejar said. “I felt very honored to have an opportunity to attend. I made some memories that I will never forget.”

Nabejar was one of three nominees for the National Move Hero Award, joining DJ Cook – a driver for the Polk County, Fla. Location – and David Woods, who is a move consultant for the Raleigh, N.C. franchise location.

The three held celebrity status during the Annual Meeting, but on awards night, it was Nabejar who received the news – in front of all attendees – that he had earned the highest award of national move hero. It was a major milestone for Nabejar and his TWO MEN AND A TRUCK career, something he wasn’t quite sure how to put into words.

“Speechless,” Nabejar said. “I was just speechless and overwhelmed at the honor.”

According to those who work with Nabejar on a daily basis, he’s a devoted family man who is heavily involved with his church when he’s away from work. Although he always puts work first, he took some personal time away from the job after Hurricane Harvey hit to head down to the Houston area and worth with relief efforts for the city, showing what kind of person he really is. During his time with TWO MEN AND A TRUCk, he has maintained an excellent customer satisfaction rating, and is considered to be a model employee by his peers.

For Nabejar – who puts so much time into helping others at his franchise location – he felt it was important to recognize his team members from his McKinney location as he won the award, because being part of that team made this possible for him.

“Everyone [at my location] is proud of the award,” Nabejar said. “It’s a great feeling knowing  I’m part of such a wonderful and supportive team.”

Although he enjoyed the time celebrating his award, part of what got Nabejar to where he is today is his commitment to hard work and always looking forward, and that’s exactly what he plans to keep doing.

“I’m always dedicated to setting the bar higher,” Nabejar said. “I give respect to everyone I work with and because of that, I get respect back. I strive to continually encourage each team member to be the best they can be, both on the job and in their personal lives. My ultimate goal is to put God first, and I am grateful anytime He uses me for His purposes.”

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® is the first and largest franchised moving company in the United States. Let us help move you forward! For more helpful tips and information on moving services subscribe to our blog and like us on Facebook.

Ohio operations manager steps up for customer during move


-Written by Erik Sargent

What defines a “Move Hero” in the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® world can be described several different ways, but at the end of the day, the simplest definition is someone who goes above and beyond to make a difference for our customers.

This can be something small or big, but regardless of what the action is, it’s moments or actions from our outstanding team members that stand out and show that we truly are the “Movers Who Care®”. For Cameron Gaines – an operations manager for a TWO MEN AND A TRUCK location in Ohio – his actions during a recent move earned him the reputation of a “Move Hero” when he took it upon himself to provide personal protection for a customer.

“Our customer was going through a domestic abuse situation with her boyfriend, leading her to want out of the house,” said Gregg Higgins, the franchise manager. “You could tell that over the phone, she was scared to even book a move with us. On the day of her move she was visibly scared, so Cam stepped up and made sure she was safe and protected while the guys conducted the move.”

It was a simple but meaningful action from Gaines to provide this protection for the customer, and it was clear to everyone involved on the move that his actions helped bring peace-of-mind to the woman while she went through this extremely difficult process.

Gaines chose to do this on his own and without the request of anyone involved at the franchise, and typically keeps in touch with the customer service representatives at his locations to determine the type of moves they are about to experience so he can provide assistance.

“I was not asked to do this, but I have a great relationship with our CSR team, and they keep me in the loop on potentially sensitive moves at my request,” Gaines said. “It can turn into a sticky situation at any time, and I don’t want my team or the customer to be at risk, so that extra guy on the job to help keep an eye out while the team moves never hurts.”

Gaines kept it simple but effective while providing his protection to the customer throughout the move, sticking by her side, offering assistance as she moved and packed her belongings safely.

It’s a testament to the type of workers we hire at all of our TWO MEN AND A TRUCK locations across the country, and it shows how we have earned the reputation we have as a brand.

“It means everything to us as an organization,” said Clayton Huston, the business, development, and recruiting coordinator at multiple franchise locations in Ohio and Kentucky. “If we are putting our people first, our team will also put the same care and compassion into the customers. Compassion and empathy are vital for a healthy team, and not only do these character traits build internal relationships, but they establish new and meaningful customer relationships.  Cam takes his role and responsibilities as an operations manager seriously, and his actions and decisions support his conviction.”

For Gaines, this was just another day on the job, but his actions prompted the customer to reach out and leave a touching review, thanking him and the rest of the steam for helping her out.

“My situation was a bit precarious,” the customer said in a written review. “The men of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK did so beautifully, I felt like my friends were helping me, and I had never met these men before. They brought an extra man [to] help me feel safe while they loaded the truck. The transition to the new location went smoothly, and I would recommend TWO MEN AND A TRUCK to anyone. Thanks for everything, guys.”

Gaines was glad to be of assistance, kept calm throughout the move, and tried his best to make sure the customer was happy.

“I was pretty calm throughout the ordeal, and the crew planned on me being there for extra support,” Gaines said. “[This showed] that we really are the ‘Movers Who Care’, and continue to show this by giving great customer service day in and day out. After the move, the customer hugged me and told me that she really appreciated what we did for her and her son.”

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Patrick Worthy humbled, motivated by TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Move Hero award

Written by Erik Sargent

The core values of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® aren’t just a list of ideas, they’re a way of life that each team member in the system strives to live by daily, in both their professional and personal lives.

One example are team members that exemplify this motto set by our brand, who are consistent in making a positive impact for the customers we are moving forward. We have begun recognizing these team members as TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Move Heroes, and it’s a prestigious award given out to extremely deserving candidates.

This year at the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Annual Meeting in Colorado Springs, two system employees – Patrick Worthy and Stephan Eveland – were both honored as this year’s Move Heroes. Worthy is a training manager at the Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina location, and was recognized for his outstanding ability to always put others before himself in everything he does at work.

“Being nominated as a Move Hero winner was very humbling,” Worthy said. “I was honored to be recognized among my colleagues as one who conveys heart toward others, which is demonstrated by the energy given toward whatever task is before me.”

When Worthy found out he was nominated by his franchisee – Brooke Wilson – he found himself engulfed in emotion, and was extremely thankful to be honored for his work.

Worhty3“Some of the swirling emotions that I felt when I found out I was the recipient of the Move Hero award were that of excitement and awe,” Worthy said. “I was totally surprised, and felt an overwhelming sense of joy and gratefulness to be acknowledged for serving.”

For Wilson, nominating Worthy was a no-brainer given the consistent level of customer service he provides and with the positivity he brings to the Durham office.

While there were numerous people around the office Wilson felt were deserving of the nomination, she felt Worthy truly exemplified what it meant to be a “hero”.

“Patrick is a mentor to our staff. He strives to create a positive influence in everything that he does, whether it’s with employees or customers,” Wilson said. “Through his actions, he represents the core values of business and communicates the importance of the core values in training our people, not just as a professional, but also in their personal lives.”

Wilson noted that Worthy stands for everything she hopes her employees at the Durham franchise stands for, and he carries himself like a leader throughout their community.

“Patrick is a true representation of what we want to see in all of our staff members,” Wilson said. “Someone that strives to positively influence those around them. In a training position for our business, he instills a commitment to care with all new hires. He leads by example, and mentors employees.”

Faith is also a major part of Worthy’s life, and something he tries to implement into every action. While he appreciates the accolades he has been able to receive, he’s more proud of the impact that he’s been able to make with those around him.

Moving forward, he said he plans on continuing to do what he does best – help people. He’s thankful for the opportunity TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® gives him, and he will continue to live by the core values that helped him earn the Move Hero award.

“What I do each day is try to implement the core values,” Worthy said. “The core values keep up with the standards of God – do onto others as you would have them do unto you. I’m grateful to be a part of a system that is much larger than me. To create culture that adheres to the core values takes each individual buying in. Every day I try to practice this with those I come in contact with.”

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® is the first and largest franchised moving company in the United States. Let us help move you forward! For more helpful tips and information on moving services subscribe to our blog and like us on Facebook.