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Complete your stress-free downsizing move with these 4 simple tips


Summer is winding down, the trees are about to start changing colors, and for many this is a time where they begin to toss items they no longer need and work on downsizing their home.

Downsizing can seem like a daunting task when moving as you decide on how to get rid of belongings while transitioning into a smaller living space. This is incredibly popular for people who are starting a life in retirement, or who want to get away to a home with less size and responsibility. The biggest hurdles of downsizing come with deciding on what you need moving forward and what you can get rid of, something that is not an easy task.

Developing an effective plan on how you want to downsize can take the stress out of this type of move, and we’ve come up with some helpful tips to make this process easier. Follow along!

Start your planning early

In order to decide what will stay and what will go when downsizing, you need to do a full assessment of your belongings.

Start by going through all of your things well in advance of your desired move day so you can determine if there’s a logical need for certain items when you move. If you see something and can’t figure out a reason to keep it right away, it’s probably best to part ways with it. Bringing something just to bring it when moving to a new home will just take up space.

Ask yourself how much you’ll use a certain item

Building off the idea from above, it’s important to determine how much use certain belongings will get.

If you see something and your initial thought is “not that often”, it’s time to get rid of it. This mindset will become especially useful when you’re looking at items that you’ve been storing away for years without using – now is the best time to get rid of them. If you have items that you need to get rid of but don’t want to take care of it yourself, we now offer junk removal services at select locations!

Practice patience

A downsizing move and the process that it requires won’t in happen in one day – it takes time. Once you have an ideal move date in mind, work slowly, day-by-day, to chip away at the necessary tasks in order to eliminate as much stress as possible when moving day arrives.

Be flexible

The moving process can be complicated, and that’s why staying flexible and calm throughout the process is important. Plans can change, last-second decisions can come up, and opinions can differ as you work toward completing your move.

If you’re looking for help on completing an upcoming downsizing move, we’re here to help! Whether it’s helping with the entire move or just assisting with packing, delivery, or loading and unloading – our professional moving teams are ready to help. To learn more about all of our moving services, click here.

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5 helpful tips to get a jump on downsizing your home


-Written by Erik Sargent

There are many moving scenarios out there, but one we’ve seen more and more is downsizing from a large home to a smaller space.

While you’re still going through the normal hurdles of completing a move, you’re also figuring out what belongings you no longer need as you transition to the next step in your life – a task that is certainly not easy. Whether you’re donating items to a charity, selling them, or just throwing them away, there’s a lot to think about.

TMAT204Having an effective plan on how you want to downsize can ease the stress of completing this kind of move. For those who are retiring and looking for less to take care of or those who are just looking to save a little bit of money, downsizing can be an extremely beneficial option.

Follow these expert TWO MEN AND A TRUCK tips for downsizing and get your move started off on the right foot!

Plan ahead.

It sounds obvious, but developing a plan on how you’re going to downsize can often make a huge difference in how smoothly the whole process goes. Go through your home, room by room, and make a list of what is staying and what is going.

This planning process also includes scheduling a move in the time frame that works for you, hiring professional movers, beginning the packing process, and much more.

Does it stay or does it go?

Perhaps the hardest part of the entire downsizing process is making the call on what you’ll keep and what you won’t.

Assess the items you’re not sure about and determine whether there’s a logical need or place for it at your new home. If there isn’t one right off the top of your head, it’s probably best to get rid of it. Moving something you’re unsure about will just take up space at your new home.

TMAT220How often is this being used?

Playing off the tip from above, another good exercise when downsizing is determining the use of a certain object.

If the answer to how much you’ll use something is “not that often”, get rid of it! Especially if it’s something that’s been stored away and hasn’t been used in the last year. Taking something you’ll only use sparingly will just become another waste of space in your new home.

Be patient.

Downsizing isn’t something that can be completed within hour or even a day – it takes time. As part of your downsizing plans, start working well in advance of when you want to move and be sure to tackle a little bit each day.

Be flexible.

The moving process can be complicated, and that’s why staying flexible and calm throughout the process is important. Plans can change, last-second decisions can come up, and opinions can differ as you work toward completing your move.

If you’re looking for help on completing an upcoming downsizing move, we’re here to help! Whether it’s helping with the entire move or just assisting with packing, delivery, or loading and unloading – our professional moving teams are ready to help. To learn more about all of our moving services, click here.

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Use these 4 holiday packing tips to ease your holiday fatigue


With the bustling holiday season now behind us, that means the fun decorations and lights must come down and get packed into storage for the next 11 months until it’s time to do it again!

Although it’s not always an enjoyable task (hence why we still see Christmas lights in February!) but with the proper planning and execution, it doesn’t have to be such a burden.

We’ve put together a few quick and helpful tips to make the holiday season clean up a breeze.

Have a plan

Taking down the holiday decorations and getting everything moved and packed can’t be finished in 20 minutes – it takes time and planning to get the job done right and to get those breakable items stored away safe and sound.

Examine your current situation, pick a place to start, and go room-by-room as you take everything down, carefully and efficiently wrapping and packing them away. This will also help when it comes to organizing your belongings in storage.

Boxes, boxes, boxes

There’s no such thing as “too many” boxes, especially around the holidays, and that’s why it’s important to have an abundance on-hand to ensure everything has a place to go.

Boxes will provide enough space to keep everything, and will also make moving items into a closet or storage that much easier and organized. Be sure to label each box so that when next year comes, you can find exactly what you’re looking for!

Put away that extra furniture

Chances are that at some point during the holiday season, you had to get out extra furniture to accommodate for guests during holiday parties and visits. Whether this furniture will be moved into another room, a closet, the garage, or storage – be sure to only move what you can handle.

If there is too much to move or something that is too heavy, give our movers a call – they’re happy to help you move items in your home!

Pack with a purpose

Even more so than normal, packing away holiday items requires extra care and attention to detail, as these are often specialty items that can be fragile or easily broken. Remember to use proper packing supplies like packing paper, tissue paper, and bubble wrap to protect those ornaments and decorations as they go back into boxes. It’s also a good idea to pack ornaments in our specialty dish pack box where there are sections that are perfect for wrapped ornaments.

Always keep in mind, the heavier the items, the smaller the box. Be For additional packing tips from our moving professionals, click here.

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TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® moving teams keep “THE GRANDMA RULE®” in mind when moving senior customers


-Written by Erik Sargent

To say that a love and desire to provide the best possible care for seniors is a point of emphasis at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® would be a major understatement. In fact, the story of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK never happens without the help of our company’s very own special grandma.

“Grandma Eb” – TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Founder Mary Ellen Sheets’ mother – was instrumental in helping Mary Ellen and her two sons, Jon Sorber and Brig Sorber, start the company in Lansing, Mich., when she allowed them to use her backyard as space for storage and to park trucks. This played a huge role in the development in the company, and more than 30 years later, we are still paying homage to Grandma Eb with one of our main company core values – THE GRANDMA RULE®.

THE GRANDMA RULE is simple – to treat each and every customer we deal with the way we would want our very own grandmothers to be treated. It’s a simple yet effective motto to live by, and it has shaped who we are as a company.

“THE GRANDMA RULE is especially personal to us here,” said Janelle Ishman, marketing manager for multiple TWO MEN AND A TRUCK locations in the greater Philadelphia area. “As a family-oriented company, it is important for us to treat our customers, our employees, and any individual that we have the privilege of encountering on the road with the same respect and care as our own family.”

Senior moving is different from a standard home move. While it still can be stressful like an ordinary moving situation, there is an added level of emotion to the process as often times, seniors are leaving behind the place they have called home for many decades.

“Moving is extremely stressful, but our teams are specifically trained on senior care services, which teaches our staff about the stages of dementia, downsizing, and security in senior housing,” Ishman said. “Our movers are trained to be attentive to the emotional aspect of senior relocations, as we realize that not all requests – especially those involving downsizing or relocating to a retirement community – are joyful circumstances. Our crews do their best to move every customer forward optimistically.”

With such an emphasis on care and compassion with our movers – especially senior moves – it makes perfect sense that we have specialized in senior moving since the very beginning.

Being able to handle these moves requires delicate planning and training for everyone involved, and it’s the attention to detail that sets TWO MEN AND A TRUCK apart when it comes to senior relocation.

“A lot of times, a senior citizen just wants someone to come and talk with them at their home about what is happening and what we are able to do,” said Brian Stern, a multi-unit franchisee with locations in Maine, Massachusetts, and New Jersey. “We make it a goal to try and accommodate this any time it is requested, because we know how important it is.”

From moving people in and out of retirement communities to helping them downsize from a large home, we have done it all when it comes to moving our beloved senior citizens, and are prepared to handle any situation.

“Quite frankly, these moves are right in our wheelhouse as a company,” Stern said. “We are built around customer service first and foremost. With our unique ability to deliver a high level of customer service and compassion for our clients, other moving services simply cannot compare.”

Not only are TWO MEN AND A TRUCK’s professional moving teams trained on the best practices for handling senior moves – certain franchises have different benefits and options they offer during senior moves.

“We have a special place in our hearts for these customers,” Ishamn said. “Because of Grandma Eb’s influence on the company, we make sure to offer senior citizens a 25 percent discount on boxes and packing supplies at our greater Philadelphia locations.”

If you or someone that you know is looking to complete an upcoming senior move, be sure to contact your local TWO MEN AND A TRUCK franchise and see why we are known as the “Movers Who Care®”!

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Downsize your home with these handy tips


-Written by Erik Sargent

Completing a downsizing move isn’t like a standard home move, as you’re not only moving to a smaller space, but also working hard to donate or sell unwanted items in the process.

For those making a transition where a smaller living situation and less belongings makes sense, learning the best ways to effectively downsize can get you well on your way to the next chapter of your life. Whether you’re retired and looking for more simplicity in life or you’re looking to save a little bit of money, downsizing can be a great option.

It’s best to begin a downsizing move by starting small well in advance, and handling tasks individually, that way you ensure every detail is covered and nothing gets overlooked.

An expert list of downsizing tips is a good place to start, and we’re here to help!


Try to establish a plan on how you’re going to begin the downsizing process. When determining what will get packed and shipped to the next house and what will get thrown away, go room-by-room to ensure nothing is overlooked.

Effective planning also includes preparing a time frame for your move, hiring professional movers, packing, and much more. Call your local TWO MEN AND A TRUCK franchise for help, here!

Don’t organize everything all at once

Downsizing and packing can’t be done in just a few hours – it takes time and patience to get the job done right. As previously mentioned, have a plan for each room and tackle them one by one.

Does this fit with your next step?

This is one of the toughest questions when evaluating what items will be moved, but one of the most crucial. If an item doesn’t make logistical sense and won’t be of much use at your next home, it’s best to part with it now.

Taking it along to the next location will only take up space and effort.

Is it broken and can it be fixed?

Some items you own may be on the fence between “useful” and “garbage”, and this is another tough decision that needs to be made when downsizing.

If something can be fixed or repaired before your move, keep it! If there’s no chance of either of those ever happening, send it to the curb.

How often is it being used?

Many of your belongings may seem important at first glance, but in reality, might not be of any use. As you’re going around organizing and determining what gets packed, asked yourself how much you’ve been using each item.

If the answer is “not often”, toss it! This will save you the hassle of dealing with it at a later time, and will also making the moving process much easier. Another good rule of thumb: if you haven’t used the item in a year, don’t take it with you,

Stay flexible!

With any type of move, whether downsizing or not, packing and moving can get complicated. Plans can change, opinions can differ, and last-second decisions are usually required. Stay flexible during this process!

Staying flexible will help you keep a level head during your home move, and will also ease the stress of moving and while keeping everything going at a relaxing pace.

If you’re looking to complete an upcoming downsizing move, or know somebody who is, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK is ready to help! Use our franchise locator to find the location nearest you, and let us make your next home move a breeze!

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® is the first and largest franchised moving company in the United States. Let us help move you forward! For more helpful tips and information on moving services subscribe to our blog and like us on Facebook.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® expert tips for relocating south


-Written by Erik Sargent

The leaves are changing, the air is crisp, and the television sets are constantly streaming football, basketball, playoff baseball, and hockey, which can only mean one thing – winter is near! For those that live in the northern regions of the country, these are the last few months before the cold weather sets in and we’re all bundled up inside.

For those who aren’t interested in spending that much time in the cold, they often pack up their belongings, hit the road, and relocate to warmer climates for the winter. This can seem like a daunting task, but thankfully, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK is here to help ensure you’re on the beach in no time!

We’ve compiled a few key areas that are important to tackle as you prepare for this journey, and hope it can create a smooth moving process a for you.

Downsizing and organizing

If you’re relocating south – even just temporarily – then you’ll want to be selective of items you take in addition to being organized. Downsizing and eliminating clutter will take an immense amount of stress off when it comes time to actually begin moving, while also saving space and time.

Here are a few important ideas to keep in mind as you downsize and organize your items:

Plan ahead: Make sure you have a plan in place for how you’re going to tackle downsizing, and stick to it. This helps so that when you’re ready to move, you aren’t wasting time trying to determine what to do with unwanted items.

Determine what’s necessary: Examine the items you’re considering moving, and ask yourself if it’s really necessary to be moved. Have you used or even looked at the item in the last year? Did you forget you even had that item? Would you even miss it if it was gone? Ask yourself a few questions to determine if those items are things you could easily part with.


Effective packing will get your journey south on the right track! Check out our expert packing tips video, compiled from over 30 years of being leaders in the moving industry. Also, remember these important tips as you pack:

Labels: Take the time label everything so you know what’s in each box.

Sort by importance: Make sure your essential items – like chargers and bathroom supplies – are stored together so you can get them right away upon arrival.

No used boxes: Used boxes run a high risk of breaking, which could result in broken items during the move. Check out the available moving boxes we provide when contact your local TWO MEN AND A TRUCK franchise about a move!

Getting you where you need to go!

Now that you’re organized and packed, the final step is completing the move so you can get to warmer weather! The thought of long-distance relocation can make people shudder, but thankfully, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK is here to help!

We offer an excellent expedited long-distance moving service, using the same outstanding customer service we provide with our local moves to get you anywhere you need to go across the country. The same moving team that loads your belongings is the same moving team that will unload your items at your new place, and we provide you with an exact date of delivery so you can stay on schedule.

For those looking to relocate long-distance but looking for more flexible pricing options, try our new, innovative Value Flex® long-distance moving option!

“The Value Flex model has opened up a new market for our brand, and created a great option for our customers moving a longer distance,” said TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Co-CEO Jon Nobis. “It combines the same great service customers have come to know and love locally, with the efficiency provided by a national logistics network.”

Launched in May of 2017, Value Flex has paved a new path for customers moving long-distance, and brought a new spin to the tradition long-distance experience. With professional loading and unloading services, your items are kept safe in our 16 ft. portable containers from start to finish.

“Value Flex is ideal for those who need long-distance moving services on a budget, and provides the same great customer service and stress-free moving and packing services customers have come to expect with local moves,” said TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Moving Services Director Lindsey Schaibly. “In exchange for a reduced price, customers are given an increased lead time on delivery. Although this may take longer than the expedited long-distance service, dedicated delivery dates are given once a move is booked so customers know exactly when to expect their belongings.”

For those looking to relocate – particularly those interested in moving south to warmer climates this winter – Value Flex® is the perfect option to get you where you need to go.

“The best part of the service is we can now give our customers’ options,” said TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Multi-Unit Franchisee Cory Christensen. “In any sales environment, you want to present the customers with more than one option, and Value Flex gives us that opportunity. All of our customers have been satisfied with the Value Flex moves we have performed, and we are grateful to have the new option.”

If you’re looking to make a long-distance move this fall or winter season, we’d love to help! Be sure to contact your local TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® franchise and get the moving process started today.

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Downsizing made easy with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®


-Written by Erik Sargent

When it comes to moving, some of the most delicate and emotional situations are moves that require downsizing. Downsizing often involves seniors as they look to condense their lives and sell a home they’ve lived and created memories in for the past few decades. Leaving this all behind can be difficult, and the move itself adds extra stress into an already difficult process.

At TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®, it’s important we take extra care of seniors during the move process and ensure they feel safe and secure as they make this major life transition.

After all, one of our company values is THE GRANDMA RULE®, which is to treat everyone the way you would want your grandma to be treated. We feel this is an important motto to live by, and across our more than 350 locations, we instill this value in each and every employee.

lauren-munson“We understand moving can be a difficult time for senior citizens, so we strive to provide them with a smooth moving experience,” said Lauren Trost, the Marketing and Sales Manager for the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® “Chicago 5” locations. “Our franchise works closely with many senior living facilities, so we are aware of what to do and what not to do, as well as policies and other protocol. Having that extra knowledge and familiarity helps to put the customers’ mind at ease. We make sure our movers and drivers are reminded of THE GRANDMA RULE® before they perform any moves at senior living facilities so they are extra polite, friendly, and respectful to the customer.”

For those beginning to work on downsizing for an upcoming move, it can be an emotionally draining process that requires intense care. To help streamline the process, review this list of questions to help determine what stays and what goes prior to your move:

-Does it have sentimental value?

-Is it broken? If yes, is it fixable?

-Do I love it? Have I used/worn it in the last six months?

-Do I own more than one of these?

-Am I keeping it out of obligation or expectation?

For more helpful tips on downsizing, check out our video with tips on tackling the process!

Using Value Flex® to assist with your downsizing move

Many downsizing moves involve relocation long-distance to warmer climates. Long-distance moving can be even more difficult to organize, but now, it doesn’t have to be thanks to our new Value Flex® moving service!

Value Flex® is our new solution to the hassle that has been long-distance moving. When you decide to move with Value Flex®, your items will be loaded into a 16 ft. container at your home by a professionally trained TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® moving crew. This container will be transported to your local TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® franchise, and then loaded onto a third-party carrier truck to be transported to your new destination.

The box is delivered to the franchise location closest to your new home, and will then be delivered at your new residence by a new TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® moving team. Throughout this entire process, your belongings are kept safe and secure in our containers, and you never have to share space with another customer.

Customers who have used this new, innovative moving service have found the convenience, care, and affordability to be extremely helpful as they work through the moving process.

“[Regarding TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®] I had heard great things, and I just didn’t want to have any hassle when I was moving,” said Kirsten Hawkens, who used Value Flex® to move from Atlanta to Orlando. “I had priced other companies, and it was going to save me so much on my move to use Value Flex®. The ease of knowing that TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® was going to take care of my move and work out the logistics of moving from Atlanta to Orlando was just the best. Go with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®, and you don’t have to worry about anything – you can just leave it to them and relax.”

To find out more about how Value Flex® can help with your downsizing move and get you where you need to go, click here.

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Downsizing made simple with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®

Written by Jessy Herman

Whether you are simplifying your living arrangements or moving to a condo, downsizing is never easy. The thought of going through your many belongings can be overwhelming, but there are things you can do to simplify downsizing when moving to a smaller home.

As soon as you know you’re moving, begin cleaning out areas of your home which tend to have the most clutter. This includes the attic, basement, and garage. And while the thought of throwing items away can be hard to cope with, there are alternatives. For high-end possessions you won’t be taking with you, pass them down to a family member or try selling them at an antique shop or auction. This will help ensure they go to a good home and will remain well cared for. For all other items, have a garage sale, donate what you can, or simply put them in storage.

For more helpful tips, watch the video below!

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The secret to successfully purging your belongings


You never notice how much stuff you have until it’s time to move it. One of the best times to purge is when preparing for a move. Save yourself the trouble of packing and unpacking more than you need to and get rid of unnecessary items before you pack. Follow these guidelines for an easier move and purge of your home.

Setting up the purge

As you go to pack up each room, give yourself four piles: keep, donate, sell, and trash. Notice there is no “maybe” pile. The maybe pile tends to be clothes you can’t fit in, things you won’t fix, and stuff you won’t use or need to have. “Maybes” belong in the donate, sell, or trash pile.

Before you put anything into a box ask yourself, “When was the last time I used this?” If you haven’t used it in the last three months, ask yourself, “Is this a seasonal item?” If it’s not a seasonal item – think your favorite sweater you haven’t worn in three months because it’s 90 degrees outside or your artificial Christmas tree -then you probably don’t need it.


The bathroom is one room of the house where it is easy to build clutter without recognizing it. Those mini bottles of hotel shampoo, bottles of aspirin with one pill left, and nail polish that has hardened in the bottle can add up to a lot of clutter.
Most of the items in your medicine cabinet will belong in the keep or trash pile. First, throw out anything expired. Next, look at things that are nearly empty and merge them into one bottle to save space -think putting two bottles of lotion together or putting all those loose bobby pins into one bag.
As far as towels go, your need will depend on the amount of people in your home. recommends this formula for deciding how many towels to keep: (House residents + guest bedrooms) x 2 = Sets of bath towels and washcloths.


Tupperware containers you never returned to their owner, a drawer full of pens that don’t write, or the pile full of your kids’ old school papers … no matter which category you fall under, the kitchen is also a big junk magnet. The real problem with kitchen junk is a majority of the clutter tend to be items you need and use, but you just have too many!

While the standard kitchen items such as cutting boards, oven mitts, or plates do seem necessary, multiples of them probably aren’t. This includes crockpots, vegetable peelers, corkscrews, can openers, coffee makers, cast iron skillets, and cheese graters.

Meanwhile, a majority of junk-drawer trash is in the form of takeout menus and condiment packages. Most restaurants have their menus available online, so go ahead and put all those takeout menus in the recycling, throw away those packages of red peppers from your favorite pizza place, and the pens that don’t work – pitch them. Remember, you don’t want to move junk – if you refer to it as the “junk drawer” it’s probably best to put its contents in the trash.

Living room

Packing up areas like the living room or dining room tend to be easier because they normally have less storage space than other rooms. When packing up your living room most of the choices you’ll have to make will be based on entertainment items like books, magazines, DVDs, and CDs.

Put any magazines into recycling (you will get more). Look over your collection of movies, CDs, and books for things you can do without. You can decide which you might be able to sell and which of these you can donate. If it’s not entertaining you anymore, get rid of it and let it entertain someone else. Also look for any knick-knacks or decorations you don’t really love anymore. Let your new place have a fresh start.


Your bedroom is where you go to unwind and to find sanctuary. Nothing can ruin your relaxation time like a cluttered bedroom. When it comes to bedding you shouldn’t need more than two sets of bedding per bed. Apartment Therapy points out that you may need more than this if you have young children.

Many people find they like to read a good book to unwind from the day, but those books tend to pile up. When packing up your bedroom consider donating books you don’t intend on reading again. Be aware of the hidden things you should purge. A lot of the things stored under your bed are there because you’ve convinced yourself you need to have it, but it’s not something you actually use. If there are things you haven’t used or don’t need, save yourself the box space and donate, sell, or trash!


This space is the hardest to purge for many people and is the only room you are allowed to make a “maybe” pile in order to avoid putting things you should get rid of directly into the “keep” pile. For non-seasonal items ask yourself, “When was the last time I wore this?” “Does it still fit?” “When will I wear this again?” Don’t ask yourself, “Will I wear it again,” because it’s easy to tell yourself you will and then keep it, only to have it stay on the hanger and never see the light of day again.

You can do it!

While purging your belongings can be scary, it will make you feel better afterward and make your move a little lighter. Remember, for seasonal or larger items, storage is always an option. Don’t feel obligated to purge everything but use discretion.

Content developed in association with The Parham Group and Noah’s Ark Self Storage.

Surviving your move: What to know about moving into your first apartment

Apartment moving pic

Written by Katie Peterson

At TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® we know moving can have its fair share of challenges. There’s the packing, the cleaning, and let’s not even mention move day itself. Moving into your first place is stressful, and apartment moving has its own set of headaches. Neighbors are more like roommates, there are a ton of rules and regulations while renting an apartment, and what about all those stairs? We’ve come up with some tips to help you survive your first apartment move.

Ask questions

-Ask the landlord about any concerns beforehand. Good questions to ask might include what kind of maintenance is available if something goes wrong in the apartment, how old the building is, and even questions about the previous tenants. Your landlord will love bragging about any new construction, and you will be making a more informed decision about your new place as a result.

-If you have a chance, talk to some of the current residents of the building while you are there. What do they think of the landlord? How are the other tenants in the apartment? This will help you make an informed decision about the apartment and give you a chance to introduce yourself to some of your future neighbors if you are already serious about renting.

Be prepared and organized

The actual move into your new apartment is all about being prepared and organized throughout the process. With these tips in mind, you’ll be ready for anything that comes your way.

Before your move:

-Make sure to bring paper documentation to your lease signing. This might include proof of employment or a copy of your lease with highlighted areas you might have questions on. Especially in competitive markets where multiple tenants are looking to rent, it pays to be prepared! This will also give your landlord a good idea of your trustworthiness and ability to bring important documents in on time (like your rent).

-Schedule a walk-through of the apartment with your landlord before you move in. This is a good opportunity to take photos of the condition of the apartment for reference when you are negotiating your security deposit. The photos can also be used to ensure you took care of the apartment when you eventually move out and want your deposit back.

-Measure the dimensions of your new apartment before you buy furniture or bring in items you already own. This will save you the headache of having to return any items that won’t fit, and the backache of your movers trying to fit the furniture through the door. Important spots to measure include the area for a washer and dryer and the nook for your refrigerator (if you have to supply them), tight doorways, and wall space for seating.

On move day:

-First things first, clean every nook and cranny of your new apartment! Scrub all those places you won’t ever be able to get to once your furniture is moved in, and even the places you will. It will save time and energy later in the day when all you have to do is a quick trip around the apartment with the vacuum.

-Schedule a timeframe to move into your new place at a reasonable and respectable time. The earlier, the better! Make sure you have enough time to finish moving in before residents in your apartment building are thinking about going to sleep. Your neighbors will appreciate meeting you during daylight hours as opposed to when they are complaining about the noise in their pajamas.

-Schedule any big items you’ve purchased to be delivered on separate days or spaced apart on the day of your move. Items such as mattresses and large furniture pieces will have their own deliveries and can create inconveniences on move-in day if arriving all at once. The day after your move, or a few hours after the movers have gone, are good times to schedule these deliveries to ensure the elevators and parking lots aren’t crowded and remain accessible to other tenants.

Be friendly and considerate

-This probably goes without saying, but be friendly! Introduce yourself to your surrounding neighbors. Even if you don’t go around knocking on your neighbors’ doors be sure to say “hi” in passing or on the elevator. You might make new friends, or at the very least, get to know their names in case their mail ends up in your box by accident.

-Make sure your landlord knows who you are and has a face to go with your name. It will be useful for him/her to know you in case you have a maintenance problem or you are a few days late on the rent. A little effort will ensure your landlord knows you as more than just a name on a check.

-Be considerate of the noise level and your activities at certain hours. Bouncing a basketball in your room on the third floor is never a good idea, especially if it’s at three o’clock in the morning.

Moving into your own apartment for the first time can be exciting, scary, and stressful all wrapped up in one. Making preparations beforehand, staying organized, and being considerate of your neighbors are great ways to help you survive your first apartment move!

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