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6 important things to know before moving into a rental property


Regardless of the move, there seems to always be different challenges involved. For apartment or condo moving, this can often mean navigating stairs or tight hallways, or even high rise buildings and elevator usage.

The same moving principles still apply to a rental property – you need to pack up your belongings, figure out the transportation or if you’re hiring professional movers, and more. However, with a rental property, you’re not dealing with mortgages and other house-related issues, but instead handling renter’s insurance, security deposits, specific moving dates, and leases.

We’ve helped customers move into rental properties for more than 35 years now and have seen many important details people should know when handling this type of moving scenario. Take a look at some of the tips below!

Research the best fit for you

On the surface, this sounds obvious, but it’s crucial to find the best fit for you personally because you’re signing a lease, which means you’re paying rent for a certain amount of time. Breaking a lease if you determine it’s not a fit, can often result in high costs and headaches.

Find something within your price range, an area you’re comfortable living, and a rental group or landlord that is trustworthy. We recommend going to the rental property and taking a tour before ever signing a lease.

Finalize all rental details

Rental properties generally come with a list of fees you might have to pay before moving in, such as security deposits, one month’s rent in advance, paying for extra appliances like a washer/dryer, and more.

This is also a good time to talk with the landlord and pick a move in date that works for both  of you.

Have a final meeting with landlord and sign your lease

This is your chance to go over any last questions you might have before making it official, so be sure to review everything you’re signing thoroughly and determine you are agreeing and signing to all things discussed.

Purchase renter’s insurance

You might think “is this necessary?”, and the answer is yes. Accidents happen, and renter’s insurance is a good way to ensure all of your personal belongings are protected should something unfortunate happen such as a break-in, a fire, or a flood.

Set up utilities

Be sure to cancel all utilities at your previous home. Then, discuss with your landlord which utilities are available in your area and set that up before moving into your rental property. Depending on the rental property, some utilities may even be included with your rent.

Complete a move in checklist

Once move in day arrives and you start bringing your belongings into your new home, the landlord will provide you with some type of move in checklist to assess the current state of your rental property. Be sure to go around and examine everything to check for any damages or things missing and write them down so you aren’t charge for it at a later date.

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5 tips for moving from home to high-rise

Written by Claire Schneider

You’ve decided to make the move from a single-family home to a high-rise building or condo. That’s exciting! There are some things to consider for moving day since transitioning into a high rise is drastically different than moving into a home. Not only is the space smaller, there are many details to take into consideration prior to and on moving day. For example, you may need to arrange moving reservations with the building manager in advance for elevator use and parking purposes, along with paring down useless items once stored in your home to make room for a smaller, new space. Below are tips to help make your moving day an easy one.


MovingIf you’re moving from a home to a condo or apartment, it’s likely not all of your belongings will fit in your new space. Before you begin packing, go through each room and see if there are items you could sell, donate, or put in storage. Have a color-coded post-it note for each category and mark all belongings. If you haven’t used something in the past year, it’s time to let go. For seasonal items, think about putting them in storage. This will not only save space, but will shorten your move, saving you money in the long run.

Storing your items

Whether you have a storage unit in your building or you need to rent one, there are precautions you should take. Water damage is the leading cause of damages to items in a storage unit. To prevent this, see if you can acquire old pallets from a local company to create a platform for your belongings to rest on. Do not use plastic covers. They encourage moisture buildup which leads to mold and mildew. Instead, use cotton covers. Another important tip is to invest in quality boxes for your belongings. Purchase professional storage boxes that are more dependable in protecting your items.

When storing your items, label all boxes for easy discoverability, and group them into functional categories. Since some storage units are dark, consider purchasing cheap, portable dome lights to place in the storage unit. This will help dramatically when searching for your crystal serving bowl for Thanksgiving.


Get floor plans for your new apartment or condo, and plan out how your furniture will fit in the new space. Don’t wait until moving day to see if everything will fit. You’d hate to move your giant couch up to the fourteenth floor only to find out it’s too big in the room. There are great floor plan sites that will take your measurements and place items into a virtual room, allowing you to see which arrangement will work best. Knowing your desired arrangement will save you time during the move for arranging your items.


Check with building management to see about reserving a parking space for the moving truck during the day of the move. The closer the truck is to the building, the less time it will take to transport items, which in the end will also save you money. See about reserving an elevator or using the maintenance elevator. This will make your move a breeze!

Apartment movingHire movers

Hire a moving company to take off the pressure and stress of moving your belongings all by yourself.  Moving companies have the experience of moving into high rise buildings and can offer expert advice along with much-needed equipment. Deciding what moving company you want and trust to move your valuable possessions can be difficult. Make sure to do your research when selecting your movers, this is not the time to be shy! Learn more tips for selecting a mover.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® is the first and largest franchised moving company in the United States. Let us help move you forward! For more helpful tips and information on moving services subscribe to our blog and like us on Facebook.