2022 Halloween “Boxtume” Tutorial: Snow Monster 

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Snow Monster Boxtume

Every year at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, we put together a fresh new batch of “Boxtumes” – which are fun, easy Halloween costumes which can be created from simple materials and moving boxes. Now that we’re into October, it’s time to show off this year’s ideas as Halloween approaches!

Snow Monster “Boxtume”

Our first affordable boxtume idea to try at home is this snow monster! Get creative with this fun project for you and your family.

Step 1: After gathering the necessary supplies, start by lathering the glue in circular motions around almost the entire middle section of the packing box. Leave room in the very center of the box for the googly eyes and fluffy pom poms.

Step 2: Take the strings of cotton balls and place each around the box onto the glue. It should end up making an oval shape of cotton ball rings that get smaller as you go around the box and cover it.

Step 3: Now you’re going to take the big googly eyes and lather glue on the back of them. Place them in the top center of the space inside the oval shape you made with the cotton ball strings. Be sure to leave space in between the eyes.

Step 4: Next, lather glue in the area surrounding the eyes – this is where the white pom poms will be placed.

Step 5: Take the pom poms and place them accordingly in the space that’s left in the oval center. Two will go in between the eyes and the rest surrounding the eyes. Space them out as needed so it covers any empty space in the center of the snow monster’s face.

Step 6: Make any adjustments to the pieces if needed and you’re ready to go!

Your snow monster boxtume is complete and ready to make an appearance at any costume parties and for Halloween night!

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