2022 Halloween “Boxtume” Tutorial: Ghost

Halloween is approaching quickly! If you’re still looking for a costume idea, try one of our “boxtumes”! Boxtumes are quick and easy costume ideas that can be made from simple materials and moving boxes. We’ve already unveiled two new ideas for 2022 with our Snow Monster and S’Mores boxtumes.

We have one final idea for the year, and it fits right in with the Halloween season: a Ghost!

Ghost “Boxtume”

To get started, watch our video of the process below or follow along with our step-by-step guide !

Step 1: The first step is to tape the flaps of the bottom of the box together so the packing box can sit upright. Next, you’re going to cut the top middle flap of the box across like an arch of a rainbow to give the ghost a round head.

Step 2: Now, it’s time to give the body of the ghost a white, flowy figure with white party streamers. Cut long strips of the streamer just long enough to hang over the bottom edge of the main section of box. Cut enough to cover the whole front part of the box. Paste glue all across the front section of the box (including the head of the ghost) where you’re placing these streamer strips and press the strips into the glue, so they stick.

Step 3: The next step is to cut out the eyes and mouth of the ghost face. Take the black poster board and draw out long eyes with a pencil so you have an idea where to cut. Do the same for the mouth, draw a wide outline for the mouth. Cut these drawings out.

Step 4: Take the eyes and lather glue across the back of the eye shapes and stick it on the face of the ghost accordingly. Do the same for the mouth and place it below the eye shapes.

Step 5: Your ghost boxtume is now ready to be shown off!

We hope our TWO MEN AND A TRUCK boxtume ideas get your kids excited about Halloween and inspire the family’s creative side. Get the whole family in on the fun project! Have a safe and fun Halloween, and be sure sure to tag us on social media with your boxtume pictures!

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