We’re making our way through the month of October, which means we’re getting closer and closer to Halloween. This means we will be continuing our 2022 Halloween “Boxtume” series! “Boxtumes” are fun costume ideas which can be made from simple materials and moving boxes.

Enjoy our second version of 2022 – a s’more!

S’mores “Boxtume”

If you’re looking for an affordable DIY Halloween costume this year, try our s’mores boxtume! It’s time to get creative and construct a one-of-a-kind costume. Check out the video guide we created or follow along to the step-by-step instructions to create your own s’mores boxtume!

Step 1: After you gather the needed supplies you will want to start by cutting a couple flaps off a packing box to use for the graham crackers. Cut off two flaps off the side of the box. You may have to cut it down more depending on how it will fit onto the sides of the box, so adjust accordingly.

Step 2: Take a brown sharpie or marker to draw on the graham cracker box flaps to make it look more realistic. Draw a dotted line down the middle of the box on the longest side of the box and draw six circles (line the dots up as they look on dice) on either side of the line. Make sure you use the brown side of the box flap rather than the white.

Step 3: You can put the graham crackers aside for now and start on the marshmallow portion of the s’mores. Take the stuffing and grab a chunk of it that is big enough to cover half of the middle of your box. Lather glue on this half of the box and stick the stuffing onto the box. The other half will be where the chocolate is placed.

Step 4: Now, it’s time to cut a piece of brown cloth into a rectangular shape – enough to fill the other half of the box. Lather glue on this half of the box and stick the chocolate slice onto the box. Press it into the glue for the brown cloth to stick.

Step 5: Finally,, take the graham cracker flaps you made earlier and lather the sides of the packing box with glue and stick the graham cracker flaps on the sides. The longest side of the flaps should be horizontal when sticking it to the sides of the box. Make sure the drawings made on the graham cracker are face up.

Your s’mores boxtume is now complete and ready to be shown off to your friends and family!

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