May is national moving month and as you might imagine, it’s a busy time for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK!

Our franchises all across the country are ready to move customers during the summer months as more and more houses are listed and selling quickly. According to, 80% of all moves in the United States happen between the months of April and September. That’s a lot of moving!

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK franchise teams are built, trucks and professional moving equipment ready, and even more services are offered now to meet all moving needs from our customers. If you have a move coming up this summer, it’s never too early to start thinking and planning ahead!

It’s no secret that planning, proper packing, and organization will go a long way in helping to eliminate the stress involved with home moving. It’s much easier said than done but with the right mindset and a little expert advice, you can get yourself mentally ready for the big day.

Use our expert moving tips

We’ve moved now for more than 35 years! If you’re looking for some of the best moving tips available, try using a few from the moving professionals themselves – our frontline team members. You can see their best tips, here.

Proper packing

It can’t be stressed enough how important packing is to a successful move. If you pack correctly and give yourself time to chip away at it, the moving process will be that much easier.

Use this in-depth packing guide to show you the proper away to tackle packing for your move, and learn what packing supplies you’ll need to keep your belongings safe and protected throughout the entire process.

Money saving tips

Who doesn’t want to save a little money? This important information and helpful tips will help you save on your next home move.

Know what movers can and can’t move

While we do our best to accommodate all of your moving needs, there are some items moving companies can’t move. It’s important to know what these items are so you don’t find yourself scrambling on moving day. We’ve put together a list, here.

Build a moving checklist

Another major factor in a successful moving day is utilizing a moving checklist. Don’t worry about creating one on your own – we’ve built one for you.

If you’re looking for an even more in-depth moving checklist available on your phone, try movetrac – our free, online moving resource.

Specialty moving services

Not every moving need is for a home or business move – sometimes you just need something moved around your home, a truck unloaded, junk removal, or more. Thankfully, we can help you there, too! TWO MEN AND A TRUCK offers a variety of specialty moving services for those who just need some help with the heavy lifting. Learn more, here.

Moving with kids and pets

You might not think of it, but kids and pets can also become a big part of the moving process as you work to keep them happy and involved. We’ve put together helpful tips for moving with pets and moving with kids.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® is the first and largest franchised moving company in the United States. Let us help move you forward! For more helpful tips and information on moving services subscribe to our blog and like us on Facebook.

5 thoughts on “Top 7 things to keep in mind during the busy moving season

  1. We moved a couple days ago. We had used this company eight years ago and was very impressed, but this time was very, very disappointed. I had told them to bring the biggest truck and possibly will need to be a second truck. Three gentlemen showed up to move us. We were down sizing to a smaller home. We walked through the house and garage. We had most things in the garage already. I think once they had seen everything wasn’t going to fit the had to come up with something. We were finally told they were not going to be able to take anymore out of our bedroom because of least. They told my husband first then he came and got me. I was furious, went into that room to see what they were getting at. I will say our biz springs has some pet hair because we have three small dogs, and how many people vacuum their box springs for dog hair. They looked more and said there were pest. I had worked for a motel and my son in law had worked for a pest control and it was nothing. So before we left to go to closing we had discussed them getting the heavy items, patio furniture. They also said they were going to just put items in the garage and be done. Our estimate was to set items back up. We had already gave those gentlemen a bonus and offered to get them lunch. We left to go to the two closings and my son in law had stayed at the house with the movers. Once we were done closing we came to the new house. We offered again lunch and they had decide to take the offer, we let them decide where and we went to get food. The started move things into the garage, we were told then that they would put items in the house. We told them we’re to put things like boxes. Guess what that was not done correctly. Took a door off to get the washer and dryer in, did not put that back on and left those items in the middle of the floor. After all of this we were hit with a higher bill, I had told their supervisor we will not pay the total bill before we went to closing. Once we got the total bill we had decided to pay the total amount to just get them out of haur and be done. But I will tell you told our kids and will tell everyone we know NOT TO USE THEM IF MOVING!!!!!! Our kids worked most of Thursday night and Friday night to finish moving us. I should send this company our remainder of our bill for moving. For the amount we paid should have been done much better!!!! Extremely disappointed!!!!!!!!

    1. Hi Tammy, we’re sorry to learn of this. We’d love to speak with you more about your experience. Please contact our corporate customer care team at 1.800.345.1070. We look forward to speaking with you. Thank you.

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