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With any business, the best way to find out what you’re getting with your money is to hear directly from the customers themselves.

We can tell you all about how we offer the best moving services in the industry, with professionally trained, background checked, and drug screened movers who use top-of-the-line professional moving equipment to keep your belongings safe and protected during the moving process. Or we could point out how we have a wide-variety of service options outside of just our traditional home moving options so that we can meet every moving need from our customers.

But sometimes, you just need to hear it from someone other than us. Thankfully, some of our past customers have been gracious enough to detail their experiences using us and how their moving process went.

Check it out!

Norman Wedderburn – Florida

Dyann Fults

Todd Derby

Michael and Mikalene Torpea

Lynne Pearcey – Florida

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7 thoughts on “See what our customers have to say about the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK moving experience

  1. Naomi and her team did a great job in moving us out of a building which had only one elevator working for everything. They had to work like crazy to get us out before the cut off time and this was much appreciated. They reassembled at the delivery site and so far no scratches or dents. Thanks for taking the stress off us.

  2. The team I had was wonderful! Honestly they were so quick and easy to talk to! They were super professional and their communication not only with me but with each other was exceptional! This was the second time I used their services and once again I was floored by their customer service! I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a fast, reliable and professional company! Thank you for your help David, Kevin and Sam! You all were amazing!!!

  3. I hired 2 men and a truck to move me after being told that 2 professional movers and stackers were coming to help me and the rate for those 2 professionals is $230 an hour. I asked how long it should take to move my apartment and garage so I knew about what to expect. I was told probably 3-4 hours. I was hoping they could stay at about the 3 hours because that was all the money I had. I had changed the date of the move a few times. When they arrived to move me it was a young woman and a guy. Both looked like college students. A lot of the stuff was boxed and out in the hall already. I asked them to hold my jewelry case so I could wrap it. And also to take 2 rugs that were not rolled up yet. It took them 4 1/2 hours to move most of the apartment. When I asked why it took the 2 professionals that long I was told that the elevator had. Lower them down and a glass piece they had to go down with just that. Really the elevator slowed them up. That’s ridiculous so then they took that and put it in my storage shed may be a mile away and then came back for the garage this time the head guy came with them and he helped them and they left numerous family pictures that weren’t in a box just sitting there on my garage floor when they come to move me I expect to be moved all of it that took them another three hours so needless to say my bill at the end of it was $805 really how did 230 get to 805 I felt like they milked the clock as long as they could to make their bill much larger. I was very upset and paid my bill the next day. After going to my storage shed to put the last things in I noticed that they were not good stackers either. When the movers came I asked her to look around and take my keys and go look at my garage so she could tell me if everything would fit in a 10 x15 shed. She said yes so I didn’t worry about it. When they went to put the first load in the manager guy called me and said that it wouldn’t all fit in there. He wanted me to rent another unit for another $100 per month. I went down and got another shed that was bigger. A 10 x 25 and stuff just barely fit. If she was a professional then she should have known that. All in all I’m giving them a 1 star because they did move part of my stuff. Horrible service And I would never recommend them to anyone.

    1. Hi, Julie. We’re sorry to learn of this. We’d love to speak with you more about your experience. Please contact our corporate customer care team at 1.800.345.1070. We look forward to speaking with you. Thank you.

  4. I had an amazing experience with Gavin and Sam. Very professional workers, lots of energy fun to interact with people of this caliber. My favorite part is when they showed empathy towards my elderly mother and moved her bed just so she could walk with space between the wall and bed and it wasn’t even part of the move. Excellent job guys. Thank you, I always will use your services

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