We made our name in the world of local home moving, but did you know that TWO MEN AND A TRUCK can provide the same world-class experience with long-distance moving, too?

That’s right! Throughout our 35 years of moving, we’ve worked hard to listen to our customers’ needs and build a package of long-distance moving plans that are sure to meet any moving need, budget, and situation. Long-distance moving can be a stressful process but with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, it doesn’t have to be.

We offer two long-distance options for our customers: expedited and Value Flex® crated options.


The quickest and most traditional option that we have, you can expect a quick delivery time to your home, often times with the same movers who loaded up your belongings. We will provide an exact date of delivery for arrival of your belongings, which helps you plan ahead as you work to commute to your new residence.

Your items are the only items that are on the truck during transit, and we have GPS tracking on our trucks so you know where your belongings are at all times.

Value Flex – Crate This is a new service at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK and is ideal for those who just need to ship a few belongings long distance. Your items are loaded into a secured, cardboard crate that holds approximately 1,000 lbs. The crate is then loaded onto a third-party carry and delivered to the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK location closest to your new destination.

As always, your belongings are the only items in the containers and you are given the same 48-hour window of delivery you would get with Value Flex. Please note: This option is only available at select TWO MEN AND A TRUCK franchise locations.


To learn more about all of the options TWO MEN AND A TRUCK can offer you and learn how to get a free quote on your next long-distance move, click here!

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® is the first and largest franchised moving company in the United States. Let us help move you forward! For more helpful tips and information on moving services subscribe to our blog and like us on Facebook.

4 thoughts on “TWO MEN AND A TRUCK long-distance moving options for every need

  1. This is the worst run business that I have ever come across in my life!!!😡
    They moved me on 8/21/20 and DESTROYED MY WALLS, MY CEILING AND SOME FURNITURE! I paid for the extra insurance and they have fixed NOTHING!!! I have left numerous messages about the damage and was assured that I would be contacted to be fixed when they did the move and I have yet to even receive a call back! If you want everything destroyed in your home, sure use these idiots!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
    They tried for 15 mins to fit something through an area it would never fit!!! They did not complete their work and left shelves apart, put furniture back together incorrectly, completely broke wood on furniture, amongst completely destroying my walls and ceilings!!!!!
    Worst movers EVER!!!! I will see them in court!!!!

    1. Hi, Janelle. We’re very sorry to learn of your recent move experience. With a 96% referral rate, we can assure you this is not the norm. We would be happy to speak with you further and encourage you to reach our team at 1-800-345-1070 so we may help.

    2. Yep, their tactics are pretty shady.
      They sold us out & never even bothered to inform us. Also didn’t, wouldn’t even respond to e-mail.
      This Kansas City franchise STINKS.
      However, all our KC neighbors now know who not to contact after seeing the contract agreement we HAD with them & their email responses & then their refusal to respond to us after they sold us out.
      Way to go, Jonathan, you & this franchise are pathetic.
      This isn’t over.

      1. Hello. We sincerely apologize to learn of this and can assure you this is not the norm at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK. We would be happy to speak with you further and encourage you to reach us directly at 1-800-345-1070.

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