The need for storage can come at any time, whether you have items you’re trying to move from one place to the next, or just belongings you need moved out of the way while you complete home renovations or cleaning.

Both short-term and long-term storage solutions can help with these scenarios, but before you take your items to a storage facility, it’s best to figure out what type of storage solution fits your needs best.

There are many different types of storage options, including utilizing facilities with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK franchises. Select franchise locations are able to offer customers a wide-range of storage separately or in addition to your move to make the process even easier!

Below, we’ve assembled a few helpful tips for those looking into storage options.

Do your research

One of the best steps to take when looking at storage options is to look at company reviews. Storage is pretty straightforward, so you’ll be able to get a good feel for how the business operates based on what customers in the past have said and avoid taking your belongings somewhere that isn’t trustworthy, safe, or clean.

Determine the type of storage you need

Depending on the type of items you are putting into storage, factors like cold, heat, dust, or moisture that can damage them might require climate-controlled storage.

Other items like documents, electronics, clothing, and other accessories usually need climate-controlled units.

What size unit do you need for storage?

Take an assessment of what items you’ll be putting into storage to get an idea of the size of storage unit you’ll need.

A helpful tip is to get a storage unit that is a little bigger than what you need so you’re able to enter and navigate around the unit if needed.

Learn how much access your storage provider offers

Some storage facilities offer 24-hour access and others operate on set schedules, so make a decision based on how often you’ll need to be entering your storage unit. It’s also important to remember that in some scenarios, storage facilities charge access fees every time you need to get into your storage unit.

Buy insurance

Like anything that involves your personal possessions, it’s important to get insurance to protect your belongings in the case of damage or an accident. If your storage facility does not provide insurance, contact your renter’s or homeowner’s insurance agent to come up with a plan.

Things that shouldn’t be kept in a storage unit

Not everything is meant to go into storage, and it’s important to know what items you should avoid putting into your storage unit.

Common items that cannot be kept in a unit include but are not limited to:

-Medical supplies

-Firearms and ammunition

-Unregistered vehicles

-Perishable food items

-Candles or soaps

-Combustible or flammable materials

It’s best to contact the company you select for storage to find out if they have any additional or specific items that can’t be kept in their facilities to avoid any issues.

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  1. What are the costs of having tot pack and put into storage ideas from a house. My brother is disabled but is selling his house. Could you send information and costs for Grand Rapids

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