Moving to a new home comes with a seemingly endless list of things to remember and take care of – from hiring professional movers, packing, changing utilities, and so on.

With all of this on your mind as you get ready to move forward in life, there is another aspect you might forget about: moving your pets. We all love our pets – whether it be a dog, cat, bird, a smaller animal, a reptile, or something else – but moving also requires a plan for getting these pet friends to your new home, too.

While our moving teams at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK aren’t able to transport your furry friends in our moving trucks, we do have some helpful tips below to get you on the right track!


  • Dogs can be territorial and full of anxiety when new people are around or there is commotion in your home. Have a treat bag ready to relax your dog when movers arrive. They may even want to give your pup a few treats, too!
  • When driving to your new home, it’s recommended to use a crate or dog cage to ensure the safety of your pet and everyone in the car.
  • Be sure to visit the vet before you complete your move to ensure they’re healthy enough to be involved in this process. They may even able to provide your dog with anxiety medication to help calm them down. If you need to find a new vet office, you can also ask for recommendations.
  • Bring objects your dog is familiar with such as a bed, toy, or blanket during transit to help keep them relaxed as they work towards easing into your new home.
  • If your dog has a collar with owner information on it, it’s important to update that info if needed.


  • Much like dogs can be, cats are very territorial and skeptical to strangers. Try to keep them away from the commotion as much as possible. It’s always a good idea to have them in a quiet room while the movers are in and out of your home. That minimizes stress and it’s less likely they’ll escape through open doors.
  • Bring familiar objects that you know your cat likes – a toy, bedding, etc. – to help calm their nerves.
  • When traveling with a cat, a crate or cage is also the best way to transport them This will give them their own space to help keep them comfortable during the trip.
  • Gradually introduce your cat to its new home by limiting it to one room at a time which helps them to acclimate slowly.


  • Traveling is very stressful for fish, so the best option is to place them in a bag of new and clean water from their aquarium with as little of a crowd as possible in the bag. Place the bag in an insulated cooler during transport.
  • Let the filter in their fish tank run for a few hours before returning fish into their tank, and try to limit their time away from their normal habitat to less than 48 hours.

Small Pets

  • Anything from a gerbil to a guinea pig or hamster can be sensitive to the process of moving. One important area to keep an eye on is temperature change.
  • These animals are able to travel in their normal cages, but be sure the cages are sealed properly so they don’t escape during the trip.

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