Often times when you have belongings you need to get rid of, move, or just simply move out of the way for something else, it’s hard to find a solution that can fit your needs.

One solution is long or short-term storage, as finding a storage unit to keep your belongings in can assist you in a variety of situations, from creating more space around your home, downsizing, or relocating. The first step is figuring out what storage unit or facility fits you best, then deciding what you need to keep in there and for how long.

With so many different types of storage options available and with select TWO MEN AND A TRUCK franchise locations now offering a wide-range of storage options to customers, we decided to compile a few storage tips to steer you in the right direction.

Determine the type of storage unit you need

You might have items that can be affected by different outside factors like heat, cold, dust, or moisture, so you need to find a storage unit that is climate-controlled to help with this.

Other belongings like electronics, documents, clothing, and random accessories also fall in line with items that need to be stored inside a climate-controlled unit.

Research different companies to find the best fit for you

Reading reviews of a storage company online will not only give you a good feel for the company, but it will provide you with some details on how the service is and what you can expect. The last thing you want to do is put your belongings in the hands of a company that isn’t trustworthy.

What size storage unit do you need?

It’s smart to assess what items you will be placing in storage to give you an idea of the size of storage unit you’ll need. It’s always a good plan to get a unit that’s a little bit bigger than you need just so you’re able to get inside and navigate around.

Figure out how much access you’ll have

Some storage facilities provide 24-hour access, while others may only be open during set schedules. Determine the access level you’ll need before making your purchase. Keep in mind, depending on the type of storage you choose, some companies may also charge an access fee each time you need to get to your belongings.

Get insurance

There’s no such thing as being “too safe” when it comes to your personal belongings, so find out if the company who is offering storage provides insurance. If they don’t, contact your renters or home owner’s insurance agent to come up with a plan to keep your belongings protected.

What not to keep in a storage unit

While the tips above are important to keep in mind when deciding on a storage plan that best fits your needs, it’s also important to know what type of items shouldn’t be kept in storage.

Common items that cannot be kept in a unit include but are not limited to:

-Medical supplies

-Firearms and ammunition

-Unregistered vehicles

-Perishable food items

-Candles or soaps

-Combustible or flammable materials

It’s best to contact the company you select for storage to find out if they have any additional or specific items that can’t be kept in their facilities to avoid any issues.

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5 thoughts on “What you should be looking for when picking out storage solutions before, during, or after your move

  1. Good evening,
    Used you guys a few years back, need to know what your rates are to move thing from a storage unit in Irvine to Fountain Valley CA. ?

  2. I will be using you guys soon. When I do, I have a storage unit in Fern Park. My belongings have been in there for 7 years. I don’t know what needs to be thrown out or kept. My question is, my brother who lives close by is giving me an entertainment center and a 32 inch tv. Would it be possible to pick that up too when you pick my boxes and furniture at the storage? Please send me details. Also my apartment is in Casselberry.
    Thank you,
    Emily Hedengren

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