The most important factor to completing a successful home move is staying organized. While it can be incredibly difficult to remain organized, it’s crucial for eliminating some of the stress that comes with the entire moving process.

From making sure bills and utilities are taken care of, to cleaning, packing, and scheduling a move with professional movers – there is a lot to think about. Hiring movers and getting packing supplies are usually top of mind when beginning the moving process, but what about some of the overlooked items necessary to completing a move?

We’ve been around the block once or twice with home moving and have been able to point out some items we like to call “overlooked moving essentials”. Generally, these items are things you’ll want on the day of your move when you arrive at your new home, but items that might not come to mind in the chaos of planning and relocating.


It seems like everything in the world these days comes with a charger, right? Make sure you have those with you, but don’t forget about batteries, either.

Objects like remotes, clocks, and other important appliances throughout homes still run on battery power, and having a good supply of fresh batteries handy will have you ready to go as you get your new home up and running.

Plastic Bags

The versatility of plastic bags on moving day is an absolute must. Whether it’s just for storing or carrying items from your old home to your new home, or handling quick trash duty – there is always a use for plastic bags.

Keep a stash of bags handy as you get ready for moving day so that you can quickly access one if needed.

Food and Drinks

Even if you hire professional movers, there is still some physical strain required in moving from one home to the next with all of the back and forth, moving throughout your house, and more. You’ll want to be both hydrated during this process and also well-fed to make sure you have the proper energy to last.

Tool Kit

Although it would be nice to imagine a world where you move into a new home and there’s zero issues, that usually isn’t the case. Get a tool kit handy so that you can make any quick fixes around the home if needed.

Toilet paper/Paper Towels

File both of these items under the category of “you’d rather have it and not need it”. Buy both in advance so that everything is good to go.

Cleaning Supplies

It goes without saying that moving in or out of a home can create a bit of a mess with all of the people coming in and out and boxes being moved everywhere. It’s generally a good idea to have a good amount of cleaning supplies ready and available so you can limit some of this mess. Items like rag and sponges, Clorox wipes, toilet cleaning, cleaning spray, laundry soap and more should all be considered.

Moving Checklist

Like we mentioned above, being organized can make a big difference in how much stress is involved with your move. It’s a good idea to create a detailed plan of how you want to tackle your move, and thankfully for you, we’ve made a comprehensive moving checklist to help you do just that!


These are just a few important and often overlooked moving essentials that you’ll want to keep in mind as you’re getting ready for moving day. To find more helpful moving tips to make your moving day a success, search through our company blog or visit our website!

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