-Written by Erik Sargent

There are many moving scenarios out there, but one we’ve seen more and more is downsizing from a large home to a smaller space.

While you’re still going through the normal hurdles of completing a move, you’re also figuring out what belongings you no longer need as you transition to the next step in your life – a task that is certainly not easy. Whether you’re donating items to a charity, selling them, or just throwing them away, there’s a lot to think about.

TMAT204Having an effective plan on how you want to downsize can ease the stress of completing this kind of move. For those who are retiring and looking for less to take care of or those who are just looking to save a little bit of money, downsizing can be an extremely beneficial option.

Follow these expert TWO MEN AND A TRUCK tips for downsizing and get your move started off on the right foot!

Plan ahead.

It sounds obvious, but developing a plan on how you’re going to downsize can often make a huge difference in how smoothly the whole process goes. Go through your home, room by room, and make a list of what is staying and what is going.

This planning process also includes scheduling a move in the time frame that works for you, hiring professional movers, beginning the packing process, and much more.

Does it stay or does it go?

Perhaps the hardest part of the entire downsizing process is making the call on what you’ll keep and what you won’t.

Assess the items you’re not sure about and determine whether there’s a logical need or place for it at your new home. If there isn’t one right off the top of your head, it’s probably best to get rid of it. Moving something you’re unsure about will just take up space at your new home.

TMAT220How often is this being used?

Playing off the tip from above, another good exercise when downsizing is determining the use of a certain object.

If the answer to how much you’ll use something is “not that often”, get rid of it! Especially if it’s something that’s been stored away and hasn’t been used in the last year. Taking something you’ll only use sparingly will just become another waste of space in your new home.

Be patient.

Downsizing isn’t something that can be completed within hour or even a day – it takes time. As part of your downsizing plans, start working well in advance of when you want to move and be sure to tackle a little bit each day.

Be flexible.

The moving process can be complicated, and that’s why staying flexible and calm throughout the process is important. Plans can change, last-second decisions can come up, and opinions can differ as you work toward completing your move.

If you’re looking for help on completing an upcoming downsizing move, we’re here to help! Whether it’s helping with the entire move or just assisting with packing, delivery, or loading and unloading – our professional moving teams are ready to help. To learn more about all of our moving services, click here.

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