-Written by Taylor Hawley

Change can be difficult for anyone, and especially difficult for kids because they may have trouble understanding the situation. Moving is a life event that can be hard, confusing, and overwhelming. No matter the distance or the reason for your move, here are several tips and tricks to make the transition to your new home easier for the whole family.

Explain the situation

Introduce the concept – Gently introduce the idea of moving to your kids in advance. This will give them time to process what it means to move and why. Not giving enough time between telling them and the move can lead to a stressful situation.

Encourage questions – If this is the first time your child is moving, they might not fully understand the process. Give them the environment to feel like they can ask questions freely. This will make the situation less intimidating as you will be reducing the unknown aspect of the experience.

Reassure them – The unknown can be scary and while your life is changing, your kids will need that reassurance. If your kids have concerns, make sure to reiterate to them that things will be okay.

Visit the new homeIf you are moving to an area nearby, take your kids to the new home for a visit. Explore its local parks and fun landmarks. This will help them become comfortable and maybe even excited with their new home and community as they are seeing it in advance.

Involve them in the process 

Give small tasks – Letting them be a part of the process will make it easier for them to be comfortable with the concept of moving. Some tasks include:

    • Packing their toys and belongings
    • Labeling and decorating boxes
    • Checking small spaces around the house to make sure everything is packed
    • Creating thank you cards for the movers
    • Distracting pets in other rooms when movers are there

Introductions – When the movers arrive the day of your move, introduce your kids to who will be helping and how they do their job. Make them comfortable with the situation and the movers so it is not as intimidating.

Make the experience fun

Make packing a game – This will help kids become comfortable with the thought of packing their belongings, while also making it fun! Doing so will also leave you with less to pack yourself.

Decorate a new room – Let your child choose how they want to decorate their new room. This could include the paint on the walls, new bedding, or wall decorations. The personalization of the new room will get them excited for their new space and make it feel more comfortable.

Have a party – Whether it’s with neighbors, family members, or just the people in your household, having a going away party is another way to make moving exciting. Making the experience as fun and positive as possible will make it easier for everyone in your family.

Make it an adventure – On your journey to your new home, make it an adventure. Making pit stops to get snacks or to do a little sightseeing along the way will aid in making the experience positive.

Be a tourist – If you are moving to a new town, be a tourist in the area at first. This will help your kids become comfortable with the new town and its environment, while also having fun exploring new things.

Create with boxes – When you are done with the moving boxes, your kids can use them to create a variety of things. This fun activity is a great way to complete a move.

Last Minute Reminders

  • Pack a day of the move box
    • Kids favorite toys
    • Snacks and Water
  • Keep the kids busy
  • Stay positive

For more information on moving with kids, click here.

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2 thoughts on “Tips and tricks for moving with kids

  1. Your Kids should also be aware of moving and let them make sure they will get good atmosphere and new friends. Because kids took time to adopt things and scared from new things so let them feel free and discussed your move with them and also make sure about your neighborhood before the move.
    Happy Moving

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