-Written by Taylor Hawley

August is right around the corner, and for many young people around the country, it’s time to either move to your first year of college or move back to campus as you work toward finishing your degree.

Whether you’re moving into a dorm room for the first time or going back to your college town, packing all of your belongings can get tricky if you’re limited on space. As someone who has moved back and forth from college to home for four consecutive years, I’ve picked up several tips and tricks that could make your next move to school more manageable and efficient.

Use this guide to prepare for your move back to college this fall!

Shop for essentials later – To save space, buy some items once you get to college. This will save room for you to pack other belongings that are essential to take. No one should have to choose between packing your favorite sweater or having toiletries.

Wrap fragile objects – While moving with fragile objects, wrap them with bubble wrap, dish towels, or blankets before packing to ensure they’re protected from potential damage. Using belongings such as towels and blankets will help save space while providing cushioning and these are items you need to pack anyways.

Keep boxes – When unpacking, keep the boxes that some of your belongings (such as fans, printers, etc.) come in. Break them down and store them under your bed or in your closet so they’re out of the way during the school year. When it comes time to move out, you’ll have the boxes to pack your items into again.


Don’t bring everything – One of the most commonly made mistakes students make while moving back to school is packing too much. Over packing can make the move even more difficult if it won’t fit in your car, new dorm, or apartment. Start off by bringing the basics and then figure out what else you would like or need to bring after you unpack.

Utilize spaces – Be creative in how you pack to get the most out of the space available. Packing things into spaces such as empty trash cans and drawers will save space and allow you the opportunity to bring more of your favorite items.

Don’t forget these essentials 

  • Two towels – If one is still damp from a previous shower or if you can’t find time to do laundry every week, it’s good to have a backup towel in times of need.
  • A shower caddy – This is useful if you’re sharing a bathroom, allowing you to easily carry all of your toiletries when you need them.
  • Flip flops – This is also useful for shared bathroom situations. Although it may seem odd to shower with shoes on, it is a lot more sanitary than not having them.
  • Fan – This is perfect for when you don’t have a control over the temperature in your room. It is also useful to create white noise if you are a light sleeper.
  • Organizing racks and drawers – Most dorms do not offer that much storage space for students, so it is great to have these. This will give you more room for clothes and school supplies, while keeping your room more organized.
  • Pocket shoe organizer – Whether this is placed behind a door or in a closet, this is a useful organization tool that will make life easier. The pockets can be used to hold shoes, cleaning supplies, or whatever you decide.
  • Small trash cans – This is a necessity for all homes. If you’re in a dorm, it is helpful to have one near your desk and by your lounging area so you won’t have to constantly walk across the room to throw things away.
  • Medicine/first aid kit – This might not come in handy when you first move in, but one day you might need some sort of medicine or first aid. Keep the basic medicines on hand such as Advil®, Tums® or Pepto Bismol®, allergy relief, cold medicine, and cough drops. This will ensure you do not have to make a quick run in a time of need.
  • Power strips and extension cords – Most dorms and small rooms have limited or inconveniently placed outlets. These will give you the amount of plugins that you need for all of your electronics.

If you’re in need of packing supplies for your college move, click here.

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  1. While moving a collage or a home town. We should take proper care while packing material and the boxes should be named or written about the items and other details on it.

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