-Written by Erik Sargent

When it comes to home moving, there’s one question that people always tend to ask when deciding between hiring professional moving services and doing it themselves – how much does it cost?

The general misconception with hiring a professional moving company is that it simply costs too much relative to just doing the work yourself, and people will rent a moving truck, grab a couple of friends, and think that all that stands in the way of their home move is a day of hard work. But, have you ever thought of what goes into the cost of moving yourself? It’s not that simple.

If there’s one thing we can tell you for certain, it’s that moving is complex, and there is quite a bit that goes into completing a move yourself.

The actual moving equipment

First and foremost, you’re going to need to rent a moving truck, and will need to get one that is going to be able to handle all of your belongings. However, it’s not as simple as throwing everything onto the truck and transporting it.

You’re going to need to purchase or rent at least some of the following on your own:

-Fuel for the moving truck – potentially multiple times

-Moving equipment that might include: straps, ropes, stretch wrap, moving dollies, furniture pads

-Packing boxes and packing supplies

A whole bunch of time

While this might not necessarily qualify as a “cost”, the time you spend completing a move yourself will add up at some point.

Before you even complete the move, you’re going to need to spend a day or two packing up all of your belongings and trying to figure out how to organize your items. Come moving day, there could be multiple trips involved from your old home to your new home as you transport your belongings.

Damages, stress, and potential injury

There’s a good chance that if you aren’t a professional mover yourself,  trying to move your own belongings will likely result in the damage of some of your items, which can become pricey as you try to repair them down the road. This also means that you might not be trained on the proper moving techniques, which can easily result in injury and future trips to the doctor.

This provides even more stress in the moving process, and creates a miserable experience.

Finding friends and paying them

We know the old joke about finding a friend with a truck to help you move, but when it comes to moving, you don’t want to do it alone. You’re going to need recruit a couple of friends to help you move, which means buying food and drinks to keep them happy all day long while they help you move your home.


The case for hiring professional movers

When you consider all of the information above and what actually goes into moving yourself, it’s not as cheap as you’d think. In terms of hiring professional movers like TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, the old adage “you get what you pay for” has never been more true. We offer a wide-variety of moving services that fit any moving needs, and we’ve developed a reputation as the leaders in the moving industry.

With TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, you receive:

-Free moving estimates, in-home over the phone, or online

-Packing options and packing supplies for sale

-An in-home walk through with our professional moving teams, followed by a walkthrough of your new home so that we know exactly how to plan for your move

And, most importantly – you don’t have to do a thing! Our moving teams strive to handle each and every move with care and treat all of your belongings as if they were our own, saving you the stress and letting you focus on other important things.

If you have an upcoming move, consider hiring TWO MEN AND A TRUCK to get the job done and let us show you why we’ve earned the nickname “Movers Who Care”!

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® is the first and largest franchised moving company in the United States. Let us help move you forward! For more helpful tips and information on moving services subscribe to our blog and like us on Facebook.


8 thoughts on “The true cost of moving yourself vs. hiring professional movers

  1. I am interested in an in-house estimate of cost, scheduling availabilities, and number of trucks? we might need for a home move to about 100 miles away in the area SW of the Chicago western suburbs. I live on Holly Hedges Dr in Peoria, IL
    309 370-0514 (cell)

  2. I need to know approximately how much moving a few large things plus about 15 boxes 35 miles to a nearby city might be. How much lead time do you require?
    List of things to be moved:
    Dining room table and 4 chairs
    3 occasional tables plus lamps
    Large hope chest
    Contents in boxes of desk and large bureau
    Thanks for your time.

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