Busy moving season is nearly upon, and if you’re someone who is preparing to complete a home move, there’s quite a bit to think about in order to keep everything on track.

From hiring professional movers to figuring out packing, ordering packing supplies, and deciding which items are going with you to your new home and which items are going to the trash – it can be a stressful time! One aspect that often gets overlooked when hiring professional moving services is what moving companies cannot move, and this is something you should look into before you start packing.

In order to avoid any confusion or issues when moving day arrives, you’ll want to know the legal regulations and guidelines of what moving companies cannot move so you can make the necessary arrangements for items that can’t be put on a moving truck. With over 30 years of experience in the business, we’ve picked up on most items that can’t be transported by a moving company and put them together for you.

Follow along!

Perishable food items

Any fresh, frozen, or refrigerated foods are banned from our moving trucks so we can avoid any rotting or spoiling odors.

One helpful tip – plan out a couple days’ worth of meals leading up to your moving day so that you don’t have a fridge full of food and can avoid this problem.

Prescription drugs and medications

We do not move prescriptions drugs to avoid and prevent any emergencies where you need to access medications that may have been packed and put onto one of our moving trucks.

Gasoline engines or machines

If you plan on moving items like lawn mowers, grills, smokers, tractors, or mopeds – anything that runs on gasoline – be sure to completely empty them, otherwise our moving teams cannot transport them.

Flammable or explosive items

Under no circumstances can we move any of the following: propane, paint, car batteries, household cleaners, antifreeze, weed killer, or ammunition. Federal law prohibits the transportation of these items.

Plants or animals

In an effort to guarantee the safety and well-being of any pets or plants, we do not transport any living things. For tips on how to handle moving of pets yourself, click here.

Sentimental belongings

Part of being known as the “Movers Who Care” means taking care of your items and treating them as if they were our own, which is why we do not move items such as cash, jewelry, insurance papers, or birth certificates. This ensures these important items are not misplaced or damaged during the moving process.

For more information on what items your franchise location can and cannot move, contact your local TWO MEN AND TRUCK location and they’ll be happy to assist you with any questions.

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