Are you in between home moves, find yourself needing more space around the house, or currently downsizing? Storage might be something to consider!

Whatever the reason might be for needing a storage solution, there is much to consider when figuring out what kind of storage unit or facility fits you best. With so many options out there – and with select TWO MEN AND A TRUCK franchises now offering storage to customers – we thought it would be a good idea to compile a list of storage tips and tricks so you know what to expect.

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Storage Tips

Make sure you research the company offering storage

The last thing you want is to put the trust of your belongings in the hands of a shady company, or a company that won’t fully-protect your items. Read reviews from other customers to get a feel for the company, and be sure to get all of the details on how your items are protected at the company’s storage facility. Also, ensure your facility is equipped with surveillance cameras, lighting, and security fences.

Decide on the size of the storage unit you need

Get an idea of what you are going to be sending to storage before purchasing a unit. It’s always a good idea to go a little bit bigger than the amount of items you have so when you go to the storage unit, you are able to navigate around your belongings.

Determine the type of storage unit necessary

If you have items that might be affected by factors such as heat, cold, dust or moisture, you might need to find a storage unit that is climate-controlled.

Items like documents, clothing, electronics, and other accessories all fall under the category of belongings that need to be in a climate-controlled facility.

How much access do you need to your storage unit?

Some storage facilities are open 24-hours a day, but others are only open on a set schedule. Be sure to determine how much access you are going to need to the unit before making a purchase.

Effective packing will make finding what you need easier

Before your items make their way into a storage unit, it’s important to make sure they are properly and safely packed away. Use proper packing techniques and packing supplies to ensure no damages occur during the transportation of these items, and be sure to clearly label each box so you know what’s inside.

Secure insurance

You can never be too safe when it comes to your personal belongings. Find out if your storage company offers insurance for your unit and your belongings.  If not, contact your renters or home owners’ insurance agent to figure out the best plan to keep your items protected.

What not to keep in a storage unit

While the tips above are important to keep in mind when deciding on a storage plan that best fits your needs, it’s also important to know what type of items shouldn’t be kept in storage.

Common items that cannot be kept in a unit include but are not limited to:

-Medical supplies

-Firearms and ammunition

-Unregistered vehicles

-Perishable food items

-Candles or soaps

-Combustible or flammable materials

-It’s best to contact the company you select  for storage to find out if they have any additional or specific items that can’t be kept in their facilities to avoid any issues.

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  1. My condo is undergoing major construction and I have to move out I own the unit but they’re making us move out anyway for insurance purposes. I would like to move my furniture from 219 South Atlantic Avenue to the youth store storage facility on Nova Road which I believe is not far from you I would love to get an estimate on how much that would cost and the date would be April 1st

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