-Written by Erik Sargent

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK continues to build a brand that places a heavy emphasis on customer service, and everything we do as a company is catered toward making the moving process easier for every customer.

Since the beginning, we’ve specialized in expedited long-distance and local moving, but in the spring of 2017, we launched a new and improved effort into the world of long-distance moving with our Value Flex® moving service. With Value Flex, we’re able to provide the same great customer service and moving services while getting you anywhere around the country at a fraction of the cost.

This service continues to grow which is a testament to our hardworking team who has put in the time to make this worthwhile for customers and giving them additional options for their long-distance moving needs.

“Through one year, the program has been running very well,” said Ryan Wells, the logistics operations manager for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK. “We have been able to continuously increase the number of long-distance moving options we can provide to our customers, and our franchises are working together to help meet customer needs and provide them with locations nearest them to make Value Flex a reliable option.”

With an increase in locations offering Value Flex, we’re now closer in range to a majority of our customers – and the results are showing, as people continue to book Value Flex moves at a higher pace than ever.

“From June 2017 to June 2018, we were able to double the number of Value Flex moves in that time,” Wells said. “With so many locations beginning to offer the service, it should continue to positively grow.”

So what do you get as a customer when you book a Value Flex move?

-A two business day window of guaranteed delivery at your new location.

-Professional TWO MEN AND A TRUCK moving teams to load and unload your Value Flex container.

-The same world-class customer service and care you’d get on any local TWO MEN AND A TRUCK move!

DSC_0373And the best part of Value Flex? You’re able to get anywhere you’d normally go with an expedited long-distance move, but at a fraction of the cost you’d find with the traditional interstate or vanline move.

“It’s definitely more reasonable pricing than competitors or other companies I’ve seen that do long-distance moving,” said Davin Cornelius, a trainer and dispatcher at the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Denver location. “What’s cool about Value Flex is that customers are given the two-day window. Most other companies that do long-distance moves, you’re given a big window, so it could be a week or so before you see your belongings. We communicate with customers throughout the entire process, and that communication is something customers love.”

As with everything we do here at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, providing the best moving services for our customers will always remain a top priority, and Value Flex is just another step in the right direction in ensuring we keep that going.

“Our biggest goal with Value Flex is just getting more locations on board in our system with the service so that our customers have more options for long-distance moving, and for storage,” Wells said. “We always want to remain competitive as a brand, and pushing this service further allows us to stay competitive for customers.”

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® is the first and largest franchised moving company in the United States. Let us help move you forward! For more helpful tips and information on moving services subscribe to our blog and like us on Facebook.

8 thoughts on “TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®’s Value Flex® service provides long-distance moving at reduced cost

  1. Curious about cost of moving from a storage shed in las vegas,NV 89109 to kamrar, IA 50132. It use to be a 2 bdrm apt.

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