-Written by Erik Sargent

At TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®, taking care of our customers is what drives our brand and defines who we are as a company.

We continuously work to provide the best overall experience for our customers when they contact any of our TWO MEN AND A TRUCK franchise locations. From over-the-phone contact with our professional and caring customer service representatives, to a unique online experience when requesting a quote from our website. We’ve earned lifelong customers by providing world-class customer service with our moving and packing options, but caring for customers goes well beyond the move.

With the recent talk about “customer data protection” – also known as the General Data Protection Regulation , or GDPR – we wanted to take the time to remind our customers that regardless of what personal information is shared with us, it is always kept secure.

eric-jaward.jpg“At TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, we never share or sell customer information, and only collect it to provide information or perform requested services,” said Eric Jaward, the web product manager at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK’s Home Office location in Lansing, Mich. “We thoroughly vet any third-party vendors we utilize, and ensure they take data security and compliance as seriously as we do.”

Ensuring the security of your data

Regardless of which way you share your personal information with us, there is no need to worry! Whether you’re booking a move by phone or booking over the web, your personal information is kept in our secure database where it can be accessed by us and only us. We utilize advanced security and technology for all of internal and external systems including data encryption and secure transmission to safeguard information against any unauthorized use and set your mind at ease regarding your personal information.

Security of data with vendors

Part of the process that allows us to provide our customers with the highest level of customer service also requires us to work with vendors for various purposes including, web services, application development, and payment support.

Before any data is stored with any vendor, we conduct a security audit and gain a detailed understanding of their procedures pertaining to data handling, storage, protection and PCI compliance.

Following email marketing best practices

A big part of what we do with engaging new customers and following up with past customers revolves around effective emailing strategies.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK takes this responsibility very seriously, and makes sure to stay up-to-date when offering best practices when it comes to emailing our customers to ensure information that could be lost in your email inbox stays protected.

We never sell customer data

At TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, we promise that data provided to us by our loyal customers will never be sold to a third-party company or developer under any circumstance, providing peace of mind and ease as you continue browsing the web.


As we move into the busiest time of the year, we felt it was necessary to remind our customers that they are safe with us – not just with our moving services, but with personal data, too. With a set of core values that include THE GRANDMA RULE® – which is to treat everyone the way you would want your Grandma to be treated – we always make sure the customer comes first.

With a track record like this, it’s easy to see why we have earned the nickname “Movers Who Care®”! To find out more about our moving services or to book a move this summer, click here.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® is the first and largest franchised moving company in the United States. Let us help move you forward! For more helpful tips and information on moving services subscribe to our blog and like us on Facebook.

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