-Written by Erik Sargent

March means hiring season for the “Movers Who Care®” here at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®, and all across the country, we’re working our hardest to add quality team members to each level of our company.

Each March we kick off our “Career Move Month” campaign, and it’s in full-swing as we work through the month. Our goal this year is to receive 15,000 applications for all levels of the company, with 1,500 new employees hired. It’s an extensive process, but this helps us continue to grow our brand and ensure we‘re staffed with the highest quality team members to provide the highest level of service to our customers.

Whether you’re applying with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK or you’re working to get a job elsewhere, the application, hiring, and interview process can seem daunting. From filling out multiple applications to sitting through extensive and difficult interviews, it can become stressful and time consuming, and sometimes, you can feel like you’re going nowhere.

One of the best ways to tackle this issue is to be prepared and do your research prior to entering the interview process. Nailing the interviews for your desired job is usually the difference maker between getting the job and continuing the job search.

Fortunately, our quality training and hiring teams here at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK have seen it all when it comes to the hiring process, and we’ve put together an excellent list of interview tips to make sure you nail your next job interview and land your dream job.

Be sure to give these a try!


If you aren’t prepared when you sit down to talk with the people trying to hire you, you’ll stand out like a sore thumb. Companies can tell whether you’re up-to-date on what the job entails, what you know about the company, and what your previous experience is right away. Be sure to review all details pertaining to your desired job so you can answer any question with ease.

Dress to impress

You would think this comes as a no-brainer, but sadly, it does not. Make sure you are dressed up like a pro! Showing up in your everyday street clothes sets a bad tone right away from the interview, and also shows that this job isn’t very important to you.

Follow the “15-minute early” rule

Make sure that when you know the time of your interview, you prepare accordingly, and give yourself enough time to be there a comfortable 15 minutes early. Map out how you‘re going to get there, and give yourself a cushion to account for any traffic or delays so you aren’t late for the meeting.

Shake hands like a professional

Another aspect of a job that might get overlooked, but a strong handshake can set the right tone heading into your interview. It shows that not only are you a mature candidate for the job, but establishes a level of respect and professionalism that can be appealing to the people interviewing you.

Maintain eye contact and speak clearly

Although it’s important to be knowledgeable with the relevant details while talking, none of that matters if you’re looking down at the floor and mumbling the entire time. Show your confidence by keeping your head up, maintaining appropriate eye contact, and speaking clearly and concise to show you’re the right person for the position.

Turn that cell phone off!

It’s no secret that cellphones are basically an extended part of our bodies in 2018. However, as true as that might be, don’t be on it during your interview! Be sure to either turn the phone on silent, or better yet – turn it off completely. The last thing you want is for it to go off right in the middle of your important interview.

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