-Written by Erik Sargent

Studies show that of the fastest-growing large cities across the United States, cities in the southern most regions of the country are seeing the fastest growth rates.

According to the most recent reports published by the United States Census Bureau in 2017, 10 of the 15 fastest-growing cities were located in the south. Of these cities, four of the top five cities were located in the state of Texas.

The 15 fastest-growing large cities on the list included:

  1. Conroe, Texas
  2. Frisco, Texas
  3. McKinney, Texas
  4. Greenville, South Carolina
  5. Georgetown, Texas
  6. Bend, Oregon
  7. Buckeye, Arizona
  8. Bonita Springs, Florida
  9. New Braunfels, Texas
  10. Murfreesboro, Tennessee
  11. Lehi, Utah
  12. Cedar Park, Texas
  13. Meridian, Idaho
  14. Ankeny, Iowa
  15. Fort Meyers, Florida

“Overall, cities in the South continue to grow at a faster rate than any other U.S. region,” said Amel Toukabri, a demographer in the Census Bureau’s population division in this report. “Since the 2010 Census, the population in large southern cities grew by an average of 9.4 percent. In comparison, cities in the West grew 7.3 percent, while cities in the Northeast and Midwest had much lower growth rates at 1.8 percent and 3.0 percent respectively.”

Data for reports of this nature are generally based around the subjects of job growth, affordability in the area, and the number of homes available in the area. These sound like great places to go, right? Then why not go yourself!

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® – the nation’s first and largest franchised moving company – has franchise locations in each of these states where the top cities are located, and we specialize in customizing moving services to fit each customer’s specific moving or storage needs.

While our original start was with local home moving, we have made significant strides in our long-distance relocation services, and in 2017 we launched Value Flex® – a new, affordable spin on long-distance home moving.

If you find yourself looking to move to one of these fast-growing large cities, or just want to get to any city in the continental U.S., we can now get you there at an affordable rate with the highest customer service in the industry.

Hear it from our customers!

Who better to tell you about Value Flex than the people who have used it?

For former customer and now TWO MEN AND A TRUCK corporate office team member Sean Lepsy, he recently found out first-hand how significantly helpful this service can be. Sean – who was originally from Michigan – was living in Los Angeles, California, but took a job with us back home.

Moving from California to Michigan is no easy process, but thanks to Value Flex, Sean was able to put his belongings in the hands of our professionally-trained moving teams and fly back to the Midwest while his belongings were shipped cross-country!

Here’s what he had to say about the experience overall.

What were your thoughts on the movers who loaded up your belongings?

Sean-Lepsy“I was most impressed with the movers’ friendliness, attention to detail, and their ability to make a stressful situation seem much less difficult than it really was.”

How long did the process take of loading your items at your home?

“The entire process was smooth – I would say overall, it took roughly two hours at my home.”

How was the communication with the franchise location that was shipping your belongings?

“My communications with the people at the Pasadena franchise location was outstanding. Throughout the entire process, each person I spoke with about what was happening was very helpful, made sure I understood what was happening, and worked in a timely and diligent manner. I was able to get multiple updates during the moving process, all done via phone and email. Any time I had a question for the franchise, the response time was great, and most of the time I was able to get a hold of them right away.”

Do you have any tips for people who might be considering a Value Flex move?

slepsy-photo1“Just let the movers do their work and feel free to ask them any questions. They are trained, responsive, effective, and have all of the necessary tools to make sure your items are safe. They are extremely helpful.”

Why would you recommend Value Flex to anyone looking to make a long-distance move?

“I would recommend this service because of the attention to detail that TWO MEN AND TRUCK has put into this service, from training the movers, to the responsive staff, the care given to my belongings, and the quality of every single team member I interacted with. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK was in sync from start to finish.”

For another customer testimonial from our Value Flex long-distance moving option, check out this video!

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® is the first and largest franchised moving company in the United States. Let us help move you forward! For more helpful tips and information on moving services subscribe to our blog and like us on Facebook.

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