-Project by Cat Armstrong and Anna Stephens

The holidays are the perfect time to stay in and craft with your little ones. These crafts are simple, low cost , and offer tons of creative freedom for your kids! Grab your cardboard boxes and let’s get started! Read our tutorials below and watch our videos to see every step.

Mitten Banner


This is the perfect craft to hang over any fireplace, staircase, or porch! You’ll want to buy a bit of fleece fabric and various winter accessories. Some of the things we used were ribbon, buttons, pom poms, mistletoe, winter berries, and sequins. Cut out a piece of cardboard in the shape of a mitten to act as the backbone of the mitten. Next, cut out shapes of the mitten in the fleece. The rest is up to you to decorate however you would like! Allow it to dry, then use clothespins to hang up on a string of yarn or twine.

Cardboard Ornaments

Your kids will love making their own ornaments to decorate the Christmas trees! These cost less than $5 each and are super simple.


Ornament #1 and #2: Mitten and Candy Cane

First, cut out the shape of a mitten and a candy cane in cardboard. Next, cut a string of red and white yarn. Use hot glue to secure the place where you’ll begin. For the candy cane, wrap the string around the entire candy cane shape. For the mitten, wrap the string around the cardboard until you cover the thumb portion of the shape, then cut the string. Hot glue where you began again, and keep wrapping until the mitten is completely covered in yarn. Hook a paperclip in the yarn or glue a paperclip on the back.


Ornament #3: Christmas Tree

You only need small green pom poms for this cute little ornament. Cut out a simple Christmas tree shape in cardboard. Then, simply hot glue the poms in a row, including along the sides in order to completely cover the tree. Glue a paper clip on the back and hang it up! How sweet!


Ornament #4: Flashy Star

For those of you who like a little bling, this is for you. Just cut a star shape in cardboard, then cover with glue adhesive spray. Lay it in glitter and shake off excess glitter. Spray it again, then lay it in sequins. Who doesn’t love double-layered sparkle?


Merry Christmas from all of us at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®. We hope you enjoyed our DIY tutorials. If you are in need of boxes for your next DIY, stop by your local TWO MEN AND A TRUCK franchise and choose from our wide variety of box sizes. Tag us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram if we inspired you to make a craft so we can see your final product!

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