Boxtume 1 - 1

-Project by Anna Stephens and Cathryn Armstrong

At TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®, we look forward to celebrating Halloween each year. It’s a chance for us to use our moving boxes as blank canvases for beautiful and unique costumes, or as we call them, “boxtumes.” This is the first of three blogs in our Halloween “boxtume” series, stay tuned for a few other fun options!

Unicorn “Boxtume”

Are you looking for a cute Halloween costume that will be sure to stand out, but doesn’t cost a fortune? We used a small TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® box – $15 of craft materials – and a little magic to create this dazzling costume.

Watch our video to see every step or follow along in eight easy steps below!

Step 1: Tape tops and bottoms of box shut. Draw a circular hole with a pencil on the top and bottom of the box and cut out the hole with a box cutter. Adjust for body size accordingly. Paint the body with pink spray paint and let dry.


Step 2: Print out the stencil of the unicorn head. This comes in three pages and is available to download. This is the link for the neck and eyes, and this is the link for the head. Print these at home, use scissors to make cuts where cutting is indicated by the dashed lines, and tape the pieces together. Trace the fully taped head onto an extra piece of cardboard with a pencil and cut out using a box cutter.


Step 3: Spray paint the head and body pink. Spray paint the horn with glitter silver. Be sure to cover the edge of the horn with tape so you have a clean line.


Step 4: Cut streamers for the tail and mane. For the mane, ours varied from about three inches to six inches long. The strands for the tail were about 18 inches long. Secure the tail and mane strands with a glue stick.


Step 5: Cut out eyes from the stencil provided, color it in, and glue onto the head using a glue stick. Use loops of duct tape to secure the stars on the body.


Step 6: Cut out a slit about eight inches long that runs from the top of the box to the front face using the box cutter. Slide the head into this slit and secure with tape in the inside of the box.


Step 7: Cut four small slits on the top of the box for the straps using a box cutter. Feed the ribbon through the top of the slit and create a knot underneath to fasten the ribbon. Complete this for all of the four slits and adjust ribbon length for size of shoulders.


Step 8: Step into your unicorn and steal the spotlight!

Boxtume 1 - 3

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® wishes you a fun and safe Halloween! Did we inspire you to make this boxtume? We want to see! Show us the final product and tag us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

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