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With technological advancements continuing to shape the way big business runs, it’s important that companies stay on top of the game with innovation, and here at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®, we are doing just that.

Starting in May of 2017, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® will officially launch its newest moving service – Value Flex®. Value Flex® is a fresh new take on the world of long-distance moving, and will provide customers the outstanding customer service we are known for, but with flexible pricing options that aren’t found with traditional long-distance moving options.

Jon-Nobis“We are so excited to introduce Value Flex® to the market,” said TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Chief Operating Officer Jon Nobis. “As one of the largest moving companies in the country, we talk to thousands of customers every day and they tell us what’s important to them. Our excitement in Value Flex® is completely centered around what customers are asking from us, which is options to fit their needs. Our brand mission is to exceed customers’ expectations in value and high standard of satisfaction, and this new service helps us achieve that mission.”

Flexibility is exactly what Value Flex® will bring to potential customers, and after countless hours of research into the service, it’s clear this will change the long-distance moving game completely.

Lindsey-Schaibly-SQ“The Value Flex® service is a key initiative and a natural progression for our brand as it increases interstate moving options not only for our locations, but for our customers who have chosen our services over the last 30 years,” said Moving Services Director Lindsey Schaibly. “We have always been focused on taking care of the customer, and we are thrilled to now be able to provide long-distance moving options while providing the same outstanding TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® customer service.”

Customers’ items will be loaded into 16 ft. containers at their home by TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®’s professionally trained and uniformed movers, and transported to the nearest franchise location. Y

ou never have to share space with other customers’ belongings, and the highly protected boxes provide assurance that your items are in good hands.

Customers are then given an exact date of delivery for when their belongings will arrive at their new location, eliminating any unwanted wait times to receive your items as you relocate.

“We continue to evolve the brand, adapt to the market, and meet our customers’ needs through this new option,” Schaibly said. “Taking monumental steps is what makes TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® a leader in the moving industry, and Value Flex® is another step forward.”

Value Flex® has already received outstanding reviews from customers who were able to try out the new long-distance moving service.

“It’s cost effective, and it’s worth it because they work so hard at being fast and efficient in what they do, and they take care of your things,” said Kelly Love, who moved from Lansing, Mich., to Orange County, Fla., in October of 2016. “The container service they are doing now makes it much more affordable because long-distance moves are extremely difficult, and they are also just time consuming and very expensive. The container moves that I was able to do were outstanding, you wouldn’t even know the difference between a container move and a normal long-distance move other than the cost.”

For customer Ashley Murray who moved from Orange County, Fla., to DeKalb County, Ga., in January, she echoed similar thoughts on the new service, along with appreciation for how secure she felt her items were during the moving process.

“I would recommend it because I had a good experience,” Murray said. “I felt like my items were secure, I like the fact that they were not thrown on the truck with some else’s belongings. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® is responsible and has good ratings. (They) are a well-established company, and like I said, I had a good experience, so I would highly recommend it.”

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® is the first and largest franchised moving company in the United States. Let us help move you forward! For more helpful tips and information on moving services subscribe to our blog and like us on Facebook.

15 thoughts on “TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® introduces new, innovative long-distance moving service with Value Flex®

  1. This is who we should have picked. Do not pick spartan movers they lost and destroyed our things and didn’t deliver on time. You guys sound good

  2. My dad wants to move from Oceanside to Connecticut. Would you guys please call him to provide an estimate. His name is Jack Ryan, 860-274-7926.

  3. I have a problem the building I am moving out of is being renovated. I can get access to the freight elevator after 4:00. The building I am moving into there are 2 moving times 9-1 and 1-5 week days only. no weekends My lease is up on 5-31-17 What can I do?

  4. My inlaws are looking to move from Kissimmee to Palm Beach area probably May 30. However they will not close on their new home until June/July and ate looking to storage their belongings until the new home is ready. Can you please provide information on your value flex program, availability and cost. Thank you

  5. Same as NaTonya — have contacted twice — no calls, etc. to the Naples Florida location. One email and that was it requesting more information. I filled out and sent again. I do not want my name, etc. published. I’ll find someone else. It was an out of state move — I hope someone wants our business!!

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