This is a guest blog post written by designer Kerrie Kelly

You’ve just settled into your new home, and now it’s time to put the finishing touches on it. Of course, you’ll take care of the interior with beautiful area rugs, shelving, accessories, and lighting, but what about the outside? Elevate your exterior by choosing a new mailbox that’s a perfect fit for your home’s overall curb appeal. From sleek and modern to rustically traditional, there are silhouettes to match every type of home. Read on for some of our favorite mailboxes that deliver plenty of style!

Traditional: Post Box


For homeowners who love the nostalgia of retro accents and traditional decor, a post mailbox is a charming style solution. With its sturdy post, metal container, and simple flag, this classic silhouette evokes comfort and approachability. Choose a mailbox that complements your home’s unique features, whether you have metalwork, brick, or an interesting layout. Despite its plain appearance, you can use the post mailbox to show off your personality. Paint your address numbers on the side, add a touch of whimsy with a red flag, or opt for an older, more classic post box to channel the eras past.

Transitional: Metal Box Fixture


Offering symmetry and a clean, simple finish, the metal box fixture is a go-to for homes that have elements of both contemporary and traditional design. Usually found in transitional spaces, a metal mailbox fixture is often fastened onto the side of a wall or gate. It presents an understated silhouette that doesn’t compete with the surrounding landscaping.

These mailboxes add curb appeal while amplifying the beauty of your home. They mirror the clean lines, classic landscape, and crisp detailing of the architecture without distracting from your overall exterior. Metal box fixtures also provide homeowners with the opportunity for customization. Add detailing, an interesting closure, or an updated silhouette for a mailbox that fits your unique taste.

Craftsman: Door Slot

Craftsman homes are highly detailed, featuring lots of woodwork, paneling, stained glass inlays, and iron details. To accompany this aesthetic, craftsman homes often come equipped with door-slot mailboxes for ease of use and the balance of simplicity. Door slots can be intricate or modest, oftentimes configured out of the same metal or material as the rest of the exterior. Switch out your builder-grade or outdated door slot for something with more character for a truly personal touch.

Modern: Unique Builds


Contemporary spaces always stretch the architectural imagination, and mailboxes and similar landscaping features are used as opportunities to showcase innovation and modern design detailing. A modern mailbox can be as understated as a freestanding metal box or as intuitive as a digital security solution that opens only to the touch or voice of the homeowner.

Now that you know how stylish your mailbox selection can be, you’ll never underestimate this thoughtful design detail again!

This is a guest blog post for Movers Who Blog by Kerrie Kelly of Kerrie Kelly Design Lab. Kelly is an interior designer who writes decor tips for The Home Depot.  She covers topics that span from updating your curb appeal with mailbox style ideas to choosing an interior color palette.

One thought on “How to pick a mailbox that suits your new home’s style

  1. Wow, I had no idea that there were so many choices when it came to purchasing a mailbox. My home is more of a mid-century style, so I would need something that reflects that style. It didn’t even cross my mind that a mailbox can add to curb appeal of a home. Hopefully I can find one that adds to my home and compliments it well.

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