Written by Jessy Herman

With the holidays upon us, we’re digging out the lights, putting up the tree, and starting on our shopping lists. If you’ve been following Movers Who Blog for a while now, you’ll know this time of year means we’re crafting up a storm! Last year, we crafted everything from giant glittered snowflakes to festive displays to give your Christmas cards the attention they deserve.

This year we’re sharing three new DIY ideas to make your home more festive, without breaking the bank. Grab your cardboard boxes and heat up the hot glue gun – even the not-so-crafters will want in on this fun!

Fur covered letters

These DIY fur letters take no time to make and are so versatile. Get creative and choose a holiday themed word, or for a more personalized touch, your last name (which can double as a great gift!).

Supplies needed:

1 small cardboard box
Box cutter
White faux fur fabric
Hot glue gun

Step 1: Draw out the letters you’ll need onto the cardboard box.

Step 2: Use a box cutter to cut out your word.

Step 3: Cut the fabric so it fully wraps around the letters. Secure it to the backside by hot gluing the fabric down.

Step 4: Arrange in your home for a fun display!


Holiday wall hangings

Rather than purchase expensive holiday décor, opt for a more cost effective (and fun) route by creating your own. Between selecting fabric and the holiday shapes, these wall hangings have infinite possibilities.wall-hangings-1

Supplies needed:

1 small box
Box cutter
Selection of printed fabrics
Hot glue gun

Step 1: Cut three cardboard squares to the size wall hanging you desire.

Step 2: Cover each square in burlap and secure down by hot gluing the backside.wall-hangings-4

Step 3: Print out holiday shapes on your home printer such as a reindeer, snowflake, or mistletoe. Use these to trace the shape onto the printed fabric. Tip! If you have holiday cookie cutters, they make this step super easy!

Step 4: Using your hot glue gun, secure the fabric holiday shapes to burlap.

Step 5: Secure ribbon to the back of your finished wall hanging and find it a cozy place in your home!



Hanging window garland

This is possibly the simplest holiday DIY, and can really spruce up your space. Keep those shapes from our wall hanging décor nearby, because they’ll come in handy while making this fun garland.star-garland-1

1 small cardboard box
White craft paint
Paint brush
Elastic string

Step 1: Begin by tracing out any holiday shapes you like onto a cardboard box. Tip! If you made the DIY holiday wall hanging, use those shapes!

Step 2: Paint your holiday shapes on both sides. We decided to use white paint to give the room a snow covered look.

Step 3: Poke a small hole at the top of your shape using your scissors. Loop the elastic string through, and secure above a window or on the ceiling to create your hanging garland. Optional! Hang shapes from a tree branch for a more rustic look.star-garland-2


We hope you’ve found décor inspiration in our three simple DIY tutorials. If you’re in need of boxes to kick off your DIY decorating, we are happy to help! TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® offers a wide variety of boxes tailored to your needs, and can easily be picked up at a location near you. If you create any of these festive DIY’s, we’d love to see! Tag us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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