Written by Jessy Howe


When the Christmas season comes to an end and it is time to store your decorations away until next year, frustrations tend to arise. Taking time to organize and properly store your holiday decorations will make the years to come that much easier! We’re sharing our expert packing tips on how to best store your holiday items to make this year hassle-free.

Gather supplies

Before you begin packing up your holiday items, be sure they are organized and that you have proper storage! This ensures everything will be easy to pack and nothing will be damaged throughout the year. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® has a variety of boxes tailored to your packing and storage needs!


When it comes to putting away Christmas ornaments, we rarely save the containers we purchased them in. The TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® dish pack box provides a safer alternative than wrapping them in tissue paper and putting them in a bag with minimal protection. Dish pack boxes come with dividers which can easily be adjusted depending on the desired space needed for each item, making it the perfect home for your breakable items. I would recommend using acid-free tissue paper when wrapping to avoid any chemicals damaging your ornaments.


Avoid getting your lights tangled up! Remove the flaps from a cardboard box and neatly wrap your lights around them. This is a simple trick that keeps your lights in good condition and at the same time, allows for them to take up less storage space!


I have a soft spot for wreaths and am someone who feels it is necessary to hang one for every season and holiday. However, storing these prove to be a difficult task. By utilizing moving boxes, you can easily store multiple wreaths and avoid any damage between uses, especially the Christmas wreaths which are covered in fragile Christmas bulbs.

Label boxes

Even if you do not have many boxes to store, labeling them will save you time when it comes to setting up next year. It helps to label the items you’ve packed away in each box or at least by category (ex., kitchen décor). You might also consider labeling boxes based on the order you plan to unpack them.

Gift wrapping suppliesIMG_9895

Creating a wrapping station is a great way to organize and store your supplies! I assembled a dish pack box to organize my ribbon, bows, bags, tissue paper, and more. It is incredibly helpful to have all items in one place when you are rushing to wrap your gifts! The best part about the dish pack box is by adjusting the dividers, you can accommodate all of your needs, including long tubes of wrapping paper.

Linen storage

We frequently worry about our breakable items, but let’s not forget our linens! Store holiday bed linens, dish towels, the tree skirt, and table runners in a dry place where they will not get damaged by moisture. Keep your items fresh and repel moths by popping in a few dryer sheets.

Hire moving muscle

From packing up and moving boxes to the attic, to rearranging your furniture once the décor is down, our professionally trained movers are happy to help with your holiday storage needs. Give us a call today to schedule your internal home move!

We hope these holiday storage tips help during your holiday décor packing! If you have any tips, we’d love to hear them! Leave us a comment or share with us on Facebook and they could be featured in an upcoming blog post!

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