Moving is a major life event and it can be an overwhelming process. Even the most organized people can get thrown a curve ball mid-moving process. Unfortunately, no matter how prepared you seem to be, there are always a few packing items that you may have forgotten that would have come in handy. Here are a few ideas from Leaf Filter that will make packing, moving, and unpacking an easier process for you and your family.


  1. Bubble wrap and plastic sheetingTMAT088

Bubble wrap is not only important for packing smaller items in boxes, but it will be important for packing up larger items and protecting them in the moving truck. Bubble wrap and plastic sheeting are two of the best tools at your disposal when it comes to safely moving your furniture and protecting delicate wood pieces. If you are looking to protect your large upholstered or leather sofas, plastic wrap or a specifically designed plastic sofa cover should be used.

  1. Plastic baggies

Plastic baggies are one item that you will definitely want to keep nearby when you are moving. Whether you are setting up new furniture, or reassembling existing furniture, you will have some leftover nuts and bolts that you will want to keep track of. Additionally, you may have a lot of cables and wires to TVs, stereos, DVD players, etc. that you’ll want to keep handy for your new place.  Label these small bags and conceal them in larger bags so you can keep them all in one place.

  1. Cleaning supplies

During your move, you’ll most likely want to “clean as you go.” You’ll never know just what you’ll find in your new home or rental! And, you’ll most likely find a lot of dust and the dirt behind your furniture during your move! Keep some cleaner, Windex, paper towels, and old rags to help with any messes you may encounter. Wiping down things as you go will save you the stress of doing a full-fledged cleaning session later on.

  1. Food and drinks

If you have enlisted your friend’s and family’s support on moving day, don’t forget to feed them! When you are super busy and focused it easy to forget to eat. However, it is important that you supply water and snacks in order to keep your team in tip-top shape, keeping your moving team hydrated and their energy up for the long day ahead.

  1. Permanent markers and color coded stickers

DSCF2980It will be helpful to organize and label all of your items beforehand, but sometimes that isn’t always possible. Even on moving day, there will be some inevitable pieces that haven’t been labeled yet. That’s why it is important to have a few extra markers for labeling boxes and baggies.

If you want to be super specific, make your process even easier by using a color-coded labeling system. For example, you may label everything in the kitchen with a red sticker, while living-room décor is labeled with a blue sticker. If you don’t have an organization system in place, you’ll spend your whole day answering the question, “Where does this go?”

  1. Extension cords

When setting up the new TV, DVD player, computer, and sound system, power outlets will rarely be placed conveniently, or you may run out of outlets for all of your gadgets. It’s important to have a few extra extension cords and power strips handy in order to be able to set up your electronics the day of your move.

  1. Wall patching kit

Even if you are extra careful, accidents happen. You may be moving a piece of furniture and end up with a hole in your wall. Or, perhaps there are existing holes in your new home or apartment that you would like to get filled before you unpack all of your belongings. Purchasing a wall patch kit before move-in will help you quickly attack any holes in your walls before you start unpacking your belongings.

  1. Tool-kit

Having a tool kit by your side during your move will help you avoid any headaches, like searching for a screwdriver. Fill your tool kit with the essentials like a tape measure, screwdrivers, nails, and a level. Having a tape measure will come in handy as you try to navigate through doorways and tight spaces, while a screwdriver will help you take any furniture apart in order to get it into your home. A level will be important when you are hanging pictures and decorations. Additionally, extra screws will be helpful when you are putting your furniture back together.

  1. Moving checklist

Remember, being organized, making a list, and checking it twice, is the best way to not overlook any moving essentials you may need. A moving checklist will make moving day easier, for both you and your team!

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5 thoughts on “10 overlooked moving essentials

  1. Your article is a great reminder. There’s always that thought in our head “I think I’m forgetting something”. It’s good to question ourselves because checking twice is the best way to be sure everything is in place. Thanks for the great post (one of many)!

  2. Everyone knows that moving day can be extremely stressful so these tips will come in quite handy for those who are in the process of relocating to another location. I especially like Tip #4 – don’t forget to feed your team!

  3. Thanks for some other informative blog. The process of moving is quite an expense, to prepare yourself there are some unexpected or hidden costs that may not be known. A good piece of advice is to take your estimated costs and double it so that you are prepared for anything unexpected.

  4. Really very amazing post! Thanks for sharing this relevant post with us. Its really help during moving for relocation. In order to ensure the safety of your belongings, you need to select the best company for moving.

  5. Thanks for going over some tips for moving. I’ll be honest, I never considered having a wall patching kit on hand, but I can definitely understand the benefits of this, especially since accidents can happen (or there are holes that should be filled before unpacking). I wouldn’t mind learning more about these kits, to be honest. It could be good to know or maybe even find out how to get some practice in to make sure that you can get the job right if it’s necessary.

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