Written by Hannah Conlin

Just as last year’s Career Move Month illustrated tremendous success, which garnered more than 550 employees to the system, this year’s campaign will no doubt show even more hiring growth. Although a company founded on moving others’ belongings, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® knows a thing or two about moving people forward professionally as well. We have a history of promoting from within the system, making it so employees have careers within the company, not just jobs. Our franchises take special interest in the growth and development of their team members.

BertKolzBert Kolz, president of the entrepreneurial company, Black Wolf Group, is a major advocate for hiring from within. There are six general managers throughout the various locations the Black Wolf Group oversees, and they all started out at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® as movers and drivers. Here is what Bert had to say about his experience within TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® and the potential he sees in each employee.

Q: Explain your position at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®:

Bert: I’m currently president of Black Wolf Group, an entity which owns eight TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® franchise locations within Nevada, Arizona, Florida, and Minnesota.

Q: What is your career background?

Bert: I started my career as a CPA with Arthur Andersen. I then moved into general business and have held management positions at the Rust-Oleum company, Ben Franklin retail stores, Lands’ End, and W.W. Grainger.

Q: Why do you think it is important to promote from within?

Bert: Promoting from within allows us to retain our knowledge base. We also believe that TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® has the best trained employees in the industry, so our best candidates are already in the system. It’s very important to invest in our employees and provide them with a career path.

Q: Is there someone you’ve recently promoted from within the system?

Bert: Yes, we recently promoted Robby Pennell from operations manager in our Mesa office to general manager in our Tucson office. Robby showed the maturity, drive, and desire as an operations manager. It was a great opportunity to give Robby a chance to run his own location, and moving him from Mesa to Tucson gave a fresh set of eyes to Tucson. Robby is off to a great start!

Q: How does TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® allow you to promote from within?

Bert: TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® provides the training at each level for our employees to grow and succeed. They also offer opportunities for our managers to network with other managers from different locations such as during Annual Meeting (our yearly conference) and trips to the corporate office for training. Finally, the culture of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® helps people to grow and succeed. We truly move people forward.

Whether you start out as a mover, driver, or even a general manager, you can advance anywhere within the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® system. Throughout March, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® will be seeking applications nationwide to secure 1,000 new hires into the system, ranging from movers to CSRs to managers.

Apply now to be a part of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® and begin your career!

2 thoughts on “Jumpstart your career with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®

  1. I had a move scheduled for Thursday, Sept 7. I called three times this week to verify and even offer to move up the day of my move date. I was re-assured each time that we were confirmed for Thursday, Sept 7. On Wednesday, Sept 6 I received a call at approximately 12:00 noon informing me that they were cancelling my move to give Two Men and a Truck employees the day off to prepare for the hurricane. At this point the hurricane is not scheduled to arrive until Sunday or wee early hours of the morning on Monday- my move is scheduled for Thursday morning. We have all known that this storm was heading to South Florida for at least three days (this is why I called every day to confirm). Two Men and a Truck called me less than 24 hours in advance to cancel the move- after everything in my house is packed and elevators at my new place were scheduled. This was very poor planning on behalf of Two Men and a Truck, they should have had their plan well before 24 hours prior to people’s moves.

    I am a real estate agent and come in contact with people who need movers every day, I can honestly say that I will never feel confident referring this company again.

    1. Hello Chrysta,

      Once again, we sincerely apologize for your inconvenience. We are aware you have spoken with our corporate care team, and as you know, stand behind our franchise decision to close for the safety of their employees. We apologize the decision was not made sooner and understand it has caused frustrations. We hope you stay safe in the coming weeks.

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