Guest blog written by Jeanne Longhorne 

For many, the decision to ship one’s vehicle can be a pretty harrowing process. But what is it that turns people off of the auto transport industry? Is it the price? Not usually, seeing as car hauling rates are very reasonably priced. What about transportation time? Doubtful; pick-up and delivery dates are determined entirely by the customer. In all honesty, the biggest concern individuals have when opting to use an auto transport service is simply the idea of entrusting their vehicle with a complete stranger.

Naturally this is an understandable concern. Tons of car owners care for their vehicles as if they were their own child. Would you be comfortable with some stranger driving your child across the country? Didn’t think so. However what many people fail to realize is just how regulated the auto transport industry really is. In fact the odds of damaging your own vehicle during every day driving are far more likely than while using a car hauling service.

What makes it safe?

As I mentioned earlier, the auto transport industry is very strictly regulated to ensure the safety of the vehicle and the driver. For instance, every car transport company implements a limit on the amount of hours their drivers are allowed to travel in one day. This policy is to ensure the driver does not suffer from road fatigue while carrying precious cargo. Don’t worry about this taking too big of a hit on your delivery time, these are professional drivers we’re talking about here.

In addition to such policies as the daily hours limit, much work is done to ensure the trucks themselves are running at the highest operational standards. With regular inspections made by the U.S. Department of Transportation, every car carrier is approved to transport your vehicle safely and securely.

Am I insured if something happens?

All auto transport service providers are required by the USDOT to hold full coverage insurance on every vehicle they ship. The issue of insurance when shipping your vehicle is very similar to that of renting a car.

When your vehicle is initially picked up, the customer and driver conduct a detailed inspection of the vehicle while making note of any visible scratches or blemishes. The vehicle is then loaded onto the carrier, transported to its destination, and an identical inspection is made when it arrives to check for any damage that may have occurred during the drive. Of course, any incidental damage incurred is fully covered by the insurance.

More often than not, the price of insurance is covered in the price of transport. Customers should actually be very wary of providers who try to add on insurance surcharges seeing as companies are mandated by law to provide full coverage insurance.

Choosing the right service

Whereas a lot of auto transport customers believe some methods of transport protect their car more than others, the truth is all services adhere to the same safety regulations. For instance, the only real difference between open and enclosed auto transport is that when using the enclosed service, your vehicle is protected from the elements while en route to its destination.

Safety should not be a concern when deciding which service to use; the different methods primarily pertain to the size and style of the vehicle being transported.

Still not convinced your vehicle is in safe hands? Try considering your other options. You could always drive your vehicle yourself, as long as you’re not in much of a rush. Trying to drive excessively long distances in a short amount of time just opens the door for road fatigue to set in, thus increasing the chances of getting in an accident. Not to mention how expensive it is to drive cross country.

Your other option is to sell your car. But first you would have to ask yourself whether or not this is a logical option. Selling your car can be a real pain, buying a new one can be even worse!

Consider this, if auto transport really were an unsafe industry, why would more than 150,000 customers trust their vehicles with professional transporters every month? Quit pulling hairs trying to figure out how you’re going to get your car from point A to point B. Instead, go with the most reliable option and make your move worry free.

About the Author:

Based out of Scranton, Pennsylvania, Jeanne Longhorne is a freelance financial consultant working in the greater NYC and Philadelphia areas. Thanks to the long commutes and her affinity for the automobile industry, Jeanne has also taken up writing for the auto transport provider American Auto Move. In her free time, she also enjoys yoga, traveling, French cooking, and spending time with her roommate, a Pixie-Bob cat named Maurice.

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