Orlando Gillespie – Franchising Development

Coincidentally, Orlando and I attended the same high school and college, and we are now working in the same internship program. But until witnessing Orlando in the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® environment, I had not seen the impressive confidence and professionalism which he displays at the office.  When I sat down with Orlando for this interview, I noticed he had a well-spoken manner  about him which will prove to be a valuable asset to TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® this summer. Here is what Orlando had to say about his internship:

OrlandoQ: Tell me a little bit about yourself and your background?

A:  I am from East Lansing, Michigan, (woo woo!) and am graduating in December from Michigan State with a supply chain management degree and a minor in philosophy and law. I love sports, hockey and playing some roller hockey, watching sports, spending time on the computer, and reading.

Q: What made you apply for an internship with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®?

A: I have known the company since I was a kid but recently I met CEO Brig Sorber through a mutual connection, and really liked what he had to say about the company.  He told me a lot about the core values and how they like to treat everyone and it made me really want to pursue the internship.

Q: Can you please briefly describe your usual day-to-day tasks at the office?

A:  I sit in a lot of meetings with both franchisees and the corporate franchising team.  We often discuss whether or not a potential franchisee would be a good match and make decisions. I also often do research on other companies’ franchising strategies and write up a report to share with the team.

Q: What has been the most valuable thing you have learned here so far?

A:  Probably how I have been able to learn many various aspects of business, not just franchising.

Q:  Who would you say has been your best teacher or mentor here and why?

A: I would probably have to say Tom Parks, (Business Developer) because he is always providing real life examples when explaining things to me.  I like how he doesn’t glorify everything, he just tells me straight and to the point.

Q: How do you think you will be able to apply what you learn this summer to school, future interviews/jobs or life in general?

A:   I would have to just say the business skills and general knowledge I’m getting here will help me in the future, no matter what path I take.

Q:  Has your internship taught you anything about your field of study that surprised you?

A: It has taught me how important logistics and the backhaul to a system is and how much money it can save in real life situations if done right.

Q: What do you believe is the best aspect of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® as a large international company?

A:  The core values are really important; they have a great set of values that I relate to personally.  Also the value the company puts into customer service and how much all of the employees really value their work.

Q: What is one goal you hope to accomplish this summer/what do you hope to take away from your internship?

A:  A goal I have is to bring an idea to the table that will update a systematic process and that the company will continue to use my idea for years to come.

If you are interested in working at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® visit our careers website.

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