Written by Lindsay

While browsing all things social media recently — Twitter, Facebook and my old obsession, Pinterest — I discovered some horrific, and hopefully not real, moving photos.

Now, I know people get creative when trying to move their items — but really?!  Maybe calling to get an estimate might be worth it, when in the end, you know this won’t be YOU on moving day …


How did they get it that high?


I’m no expert on packing, but it doesn’t seem to fit …





Sometimes calling in the experts pays off—if anything you know people won’t be taking photos of you transporting your possessions in an absolutely ridiculous manner … and then posting it on a blog.

3 thoughts on “Unbelievable Moving Mishaps

  1. I have a question and I’m not certain where to ask it. I did leave a VM with my? so hopefully someone will get back with me soon! My ? is the following: my friend is moving tomorrow , she has a large piece of furniture that she’s given to me ( 90″L × 52H × 21″D) and I am wondering how large the trucks are- I don’t know if I need to break it down (it doesn’t need to be in order to get it out of this place or into where it’s going. Can someone please advise me? The movers will be here early tomorrow morning. Thank you!

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