Written by Nick 

It seems as if every company on this earth has a set of organizational values…and for a good reason. These powerful phrases play a vital role in the formation of company culture and can significantly influence the actions of employees. They can revitalize a struggling workforce and, on the other hand, can be vacuous statements used only in times of crisis. However, effective values will positively shape employees and the community in which they live. Strict, well-intended statements of corporate virtues provide employees with a sense of purpose that transcends the “business as usual” work day. To put it abstractly, good values give companies a heart and soul.

Our company has a very unique set of core values that other companies can learn from. There are six Core Values, but my favorite two are “Give Back to the Community” and “THE GRANDMA RULE®” (yes, it’s so clever we had to trademark it). The rule states that we, as employees and citizens, should treat everyone the way we would treat our grandmothers – with care and respect. At some point in time, someone had the genius idea to combine these two values and consequently created a program that collects donations for mothers and children living in shelters on Mother’s Day. This year, over 100 of our locations nationwide are participating in the program.

It’s called Movers for Moms.

With the help of LE&A and local elementary schools, our locations collect essential items for mothers in need and deliver them to a community shelter on Mother’s Day. Currently, the collections are bigger than ever. Because of the generous amount of donations, we will make Mother’s Day happen for hundreds of families across the country.   

Movers for Moms
Collection and Delivery Day

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