Written by: Dawn

Imagine this.

Your home has been on the market for several months and it finally sold. The time has come to pack up your belongings and move across town. You go online to research local moving companies and find a website featuring Two Men And A Truck. They are a local company and you’ve heard good things so you submit an online request for an estimate.

Within minutes your phone starts blowing up with calls from moving companies and your email inbox is bursting with quotes. Something has gone terribly wrong? Is TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® selling your information? How did all these moving companies get your personal information? Now you are irritated, angry even.

Unfortunately, scenarios like this happen daily to customers who are in the market to move. And it’s not just TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® customers. With more consumers doing business online, desperate companies use various tactics to appear as reputable, well-known companies. They take consumer lead information and sell it to several different companies, resulting in the above nightmare scenario.

Another common hurdle unsuspecting moving customers will come across are websites with false or misleading information.

Just this week, the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® corporate office has encountered mover’s websites across the country claiming to be TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®. Additionally, we found a website of a company with a similar name using an expired U.S. DOT number and logos of associations they don’t belong to.

As the busy moving season approaches, I want to offer several tips to assure anybody moving will hire reputable, legal and ethical movers.

Check out this great list of questions to ask when hiring a mover. When searching for a moving company online you should consider the tips below:

  • Be sure the site you land on is the site you are looking for and not an imposter. Spend a few minutes digging into the site and verify they have a local address.
  • When seeking an online quote request, assure you are on the website of the company you are seeking a quote from and not a site that sells your info to other movers.
  • Avoid sites that feature “Get up to 5 quotes now” or “Get quotes”, unless of course you are seeking multiple quotes from multiple companies.
  • Just because a company’s website lists a U.S. DOT (Department of Transportation) number, doesn’t mean it is valid. You can verify DOT numbers here.
  • Many reputable movers belong to the American Moving and Storage Association. Visit their website for a list of their members.
  • Check opinion sites like Angie’s List or a company’s Google business listing for reviews. Remember, even a reputable mover will have customers they can’t satisfy, but if the mover you are working with doesn’t have any reviews or a business listing on Google, it’s not a good sign.
  • Always ask your friends and family if they have used or heard of the mover you select.

Moving season is upon us. Millions of moves will happen over the next few months. Customers have choices … some will move themselves, some will hire movers and some will hire professional movers.

Use the tips offered to assure when hiring a mover, they truly are a professional mover.

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