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Social media and blogging junkie! I love spending time outdoors with my dog and husband, whether it’s hiking trails or kayaking, anything will do. I’m a recent homebuyer and spend most of my time with home renovations and decorating. It’s my new part-time job! In my free time I enjoy staying active playing volleyball and softball and recently exploring the world of golf.



Mom, marketer, wife, friend, daughter, volunteer … These are just a few of the roles I am proud to play every day. When I’m not busy mothering, marketing or volunteering you can find me in the kitchen trying a new recipe, training for my first mini-triathlon or exercising my thumbs on my latest iPhone addiction … scramble with friends.



I’m a self-professed grammar stickler who enjoys the great outdoors, working out and spending time with my family, friends and Siberian husky puppy. Most recently, I’ve become addicted to cooking anything and everything in my crock pot and finding décor ideas for my house that are way too complicated. Thanks a lot Pinterest … I’m still figuring out this cooking and home decorating thing.



I’m an open-minded Internet marketing whiz who enjoys camping in northern Michigan, live shows, road trips, NASCAR and my Michigan Wolverines. I rarely do anything for long periods of time without a radio close by. I’m always up for trying new foods, listening to a CD for the first time or traveling somewhere I’ve never been. Home improvement and do-it-yourself projects are new to me as I prepare to move into my first-owned home.



Born on a military base hospital to the daughter of a Marine, my parents moved 27 times before planting their feet firmly in the city I call home – Charlotte, MI. I am a city smart country girl at heart who is a wife, mom, negotiator, best friend, organizer and facilitator. For most of my adult life, I have worked with customers in one way or another. When I am not working, I love traveling our state looking for the best campground and fishing holes.

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